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A CDL representative will act as interim chair until a Chair is selected by the AG.

Attending -  Kurt Ewoldsen, John Kunze, John Howard, David Wilcox, Kate Wittenberg, Martin Kalfatovic, Brian McBride, Frédérique Joannic-Seta, Bertrand Caron

Discussion Items


Working Group invitations: progress on responses

Lyrasis / DuraSpace merger update

Review Action items from prior meetings

  • ACTION - We will create a new spreadsheet or googledoc where AG members can suggest people from the EOI to the WG. dropped - not relevant
  • ACTION - Kurt we need to put together a template lightning talk anyone could deliver. done
  • ACTION - John will add project page link, specific group charter links to the generic invitation template done
  • ACTION - John will create a spreadsheet for tracking invitations. done
  • ACTION - John will add information to the invitation and share for feedback. Deadline to empower members to invite working group members will be 1/17/19 done

Still to do:

  • ACTION - Create document where AG members can add events they'll be attending in 2019, for future project update
  • ACTION - John and Kurt to set a shared public calendar for ARKs meetings (ask Duraspace for help on this)
  • ACTION - eventually follow up to all who filled out an EOI form

Review of affirmative working group member responses:

  • Outreach = 4
  • Sustainability = 6
  • Technical = more than enough

So the question is whether we have enough to move forward with scheduling

DuraSpace confirmed that 7-9 is the ideal size, since not everyone will attend all meetings

We agreed to move forward with existing group members and let the first meeting further refine the working group purpose & goals, which will allow targeted recruiting of further members (by both WG & AG)

Group approved reaching out to C. Neylon to participate in the sustainability working group

ACTION - send extra invitations

ACTION - send reminders

John H. is willing to lead Outreach group, but sparse membership:  should recruiting continue?

ACTION - John K & John H will get together and review the EOI list for targets for invitations

AG liaisons to lead each working group are:

  • Outreach = John Howard
  • Sustainability = Kate Wittenberg
  • Technical = John Kunze    

These liaisons will poll the workgroup members and schedule the initial meetings for some time in March

These first meetings will include self-organizing:  pick a leader and a mode of operation

  • If necessary, AG liaisons will lead until the group agrees on an alternative

ACTION - John K will draft a generic message to organize the first WG metings

David gave an update on the DuraSpace & Lyrasis merger, which is in the due diligence phase; DuraSpace sees the financial support from Lyrasis as beneficial and Lyrasis is looking for international growth

John K. has created draft of a lightning talk and shared it with the group

John K. & Kurt had a follow up discussion with BnF to recap the meeting, covering the high-points of the meeting from before they were able to connect

Bertrand pointed out that we need representation in the working groups from organizations that do not get their ARKs or infrastructure from CDL, but either run their own or go to another service provider for it

CDL agrees that it is critical to the community’s viability that all perspectives and needs are represented in our work; that is the only way this effort will be successful