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  • Jefferson
  • John K
  • Kurt 
  • Brian
  • John C
  • Erin T
  • Ricc F


Discussion items


Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL) proposal for a Workshop/Demonstration titled Persistent Identifiers: Using Archival Resource Keys (ARKs) to keep it all together. was Accepted for this year's conference. 

ACTION - Jefferson to remind Mark to ask the Alliance for participation. 

The Technical WG now has a co-chair (Dave Vieglais).

How do we include those chairs/co-chairs in the advisory group? Follow up on that at a later date

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

If anyone has new events. to add to the calendar, pls do. Looks like all deadlines are passed on this calendar. ACTION - all update calendar of events. 

DLF is in the fall. If there is a fall or spring 2023 event where we could all meet up, that would be good to think about. Where do we all go? What about CNI? Or DLF of NDSA or iPres meetings. LYR annual Summit is another idea. Shall we ask Cliff for a room at CNI? Shall we reach out to AG members? ACTION - Jefferson will follow up with Jackie at CNI. 

Any news items we should blog about?

Should we blog about John K's retirement and his plans for post-retirement? Not sure. Worth thinking about, ACTION- JohnK. Will leave CDL on April 22. 

ACTION - Ricc Applying ARKS to subunits in Smithsonian via centralized DAMS. Delayed because people coming back to campus. May timeframe for the post. 

ACTION - Jefferson will blog about standing up their instance of ARKS - happening next week. 

Is IA involved in CART? CARTA, yes. 50 museums do collaborative art resources archiving. Jefferson is more involved and ARKS will be applied to this a whole host of other resources. Some of these are new ARK applications. We don't have timelines or deadlines. 

We can consider a blog about this and work happening at the Smithsonian. Linda X is pulling other museums in and they're considering where to take that. National Gallery is involved too. And the Holocaust Museum is involved too. 

ACTION - Jefferson and Ricc can work on an ARKS in Museums blog post. 

Review of Onboarding DocumentationKunze

Internal documentation. Log in credentials are protected in a password administration account, keybase. So far, Mark P has been invited to it. Next step/ACTION - JohnK will send invitations to everyone. Ppl can be invited to that as needed. "Sam" could be anyone like Mark Phillips. We need to have these responsibilities assigned. Would like to transition from Wordpress to Github site for future webpage administration. Generic users are the ark gmail accounts. And subscriptions are paid for the next 3 years using JohnK card. Small amounts of $. CDL could take on the wordpress instance.

ACTION - John C and JohnK can talk about that. Or if someone has Github pages, please step in to help. 

ACTION - All can comment on the document. Keep an eye out for anything missing here. Try to log on to the accounts mentioned in doc. AG to determine who will maintain this doc in future. 

ACTION - Chair and co-chair will have keybase access. JohnK will invite everyone on AG. 

ACTION - Mark P will re-do the AG calendar invitations and use UNT zoom account.  

JohnK and Kurt looked at it. There were some barriers when it was last discussed. JohnK advocating for github pages solution. 

Ideas about planning for goals going forward for this group.All

Mark and Jefferson discussed some goals and responsibilities of chair and co-chair and AG members.

Standing List of Goals Going Forward: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Fundraising
  • Grantmaking
  • terms for AG and WG participation and think about how to cycle people on and off the group, etc. Recruitment 
  • Working group chair collaboration. Discussing and developing a plan with them
  • ARKS Alliance events or meetups in future/ Community cultivation strategies post-pandemic
  • Communications maintenance 
  • Org structure/home - informal/formal for the Alliance 

ACTION - Jefferson and Mark will invite working group chairs to the next AG meeting. We will have some pre-scripted agenda items and ask them how the WG is going and how to review Charters for each group and a process for reviewing those regularly. 

ACTION - All to think about the responsibilities of AG members. 

Action items