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  • Community management of the centralized NAAN registry
  • Grant funding of software development projects to create a next-generation open-source ARK resolver and management application
  • Community partners to run redundant global ARK resolvers

Discussion items


Group membership, Meeting frequency, Feedback

Since goals have clarified and the direction is now slightly different, we would like to confirm that all current members want to continue, that the monthly meeting frequency is still appropriate, and gather feedback on our activities to date to drive any useful changes.

  • LA: is there enough to talk about to meet monthly? quarterly? every 2 months?
  • BM: fine to cancel meetings early
  • KE: we could get better at canceling, eg, a week before rather than day before

 Update on Working Groups

Goal:  Community NAAN Registry administration

Sustainability working group retired

The effort to share management of the NAAN registry is moving forward and it seems reasonable to charge a new working group for this activity, to provide a framework around how it will operate.

DRAFT NAAN Registry WG charter

  • Group: approved creation of this new WG

Goal:  Grant funding for technical projects

Given the community feedback that there was interest in open-source tools in the ARK space (creating a next-generation ARK resolver and management application) we are asking the AG to help in:

  1. Identifying funding organizations that are likely targets for a grant proposal
  2. Partnering with CDL on writing a grant proposal and participating in the grant activities
  • KE: action item for CDL is to draft a proposal
  • LA: a one-pager would be a great way to start

Goal:  Redundant global ARK resolvers

While many ARK users have their own local infrastructure, there are some that use N2T as a global ARK resolver.  This creates a single point of failure for resolution of some ARK identifiers.  We believe that it is necessary and appropriate to find partners who are willing to run redundant ARK resolvers for global use that can provide this service in the event that N2T is not available.

  • BM: do you have documentation on N2T architecture, so orgs can better evaluate suitability of hosting a replica
  • KE: some of this will come out of a parallel effort at CDL
  • JK: a thin, redirecting-only resolver replica would be easier for orgs to install
  • KE: we will work on an architecture document
  • KE: either this doc or a proposal draft will be done by next time; probably the proposal is higher priority

Action items