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  • draft brochure site, funding update

Discussion items



  • December meeting cancelled?

At least 3 ARK-related talks coming up at CNI and PIDapalooza.

Agreed to cancel December meeting.

brief review of draft brochure site with new brand and logo

  • ok to move forward?
  • rollout when? January?

JK: review of draft site
- home page, new name, logo
- goal of migrating select content from and lyrasis wiki
- work in progress – please comment
MP: looks good
KW: agreed; would be good to add a couple sentences to the current one-sentence comparison between DOIs and ARKs
KE: there could be a link out to where this is address in the FAQ
RF: figuring that out will take time, but generally better for links not to leave the site
All: ok to move forward
All: ok  with rollout early next year

funding status

  • leading partner + CDL
  • looking for a 3rd partner
  • Other forms to express community support

JK: huge thanks to Mark for agreeing to act as leading partner on the grant
KW: we should remember that the more partners on a grant, the more complex the admin gets; if community buy-in is the goal, a show of that can be achieved with letters of support and/or an advisory board (AB)
KE: yes, we are open to any way that signals to funders that there's community support
KW: might be strategic to have other letters of support (say 3) from outside AITO
KW: funders sometimes want to know that you're in a collaborative rather than competitive situation with like-minded orgs, hence support letter (whether from within AITO or outside it)
RF: a letter from Lyrasis and the network behind it could be very important
KW: the detailed proposal should specify individuals who have committed (if proposal is funded) to serve on the AB; their having specific skills related to the project should be attractive to funders
BM: being on the AB is a much easier ask of institutions than being a partner
RF: haven't had a chance yet to check with SI on the partner question
KW: sometimes an AB role rather than a partner role eliminates conflict of interest problems
MP: there's usually flexibility, depending on amount of money and funding source; we have lots of experience leading "in name" with money flowing through UNT
KE: we've been focussing on a number of funders, with IMLS in front; plan to submit to various funders at the same time
KW: if you get a positive response from one, it's good to notify the other funder, who can then make adjustments

Action items