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Meeting Schedule and Attendance

The DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) meets every month to discuss progress on the DCAT activities. We welcome feedback and participation from anyone in the community. If you plan to attend the meeting please notify the DCAT chair by leaving a comment at the bottom of the meeting's page.

DCAT meetings take place generally on the 2nd Tuesday of every month via a web call. The purpose of the meeting is primarily to share news/information and refine our review process. Most of the work of DCAT takes place outside the meeting, so if there are members who cannot attend either meeting they can still contribute significantly to the DCAT efforts. Directions to join the web call can be found on the page of the specific meeting.

The archived meeting notes from past discussions are open to anyone.

Upcoming Meetings

DCAT generally convenes the second Tuesday of the month, at 11:00ET.

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Next meetings

September 8th, 2020, 15:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 EDT - DSpace 7 Documentation and Testing

2020 Meeting Notes

August 2020 Community Forum Call

July 2020 Community Forum Call

June 2020 Community Forum Call

May 2020 Community Forum Call

April 2020 Community Forum Call

February 2020 DSpace Documentation

January 2020 All Things Batch

2019 Meeting Notes

December 2019 Community Forum Call

November 2019 Community Forum Call

October 2019 DSpace Documentation

September 2019 DSpace Documentation and Training

August 2019 Community Forum Call

July 2019 Community Forum Call

May 2019 Community Forum Call

March 2019 Community Forum Call

February 2019 CoreTrustSeal Data Repository certification

January 2019 Community Forum Call

2018 Meeting Notes

November 2018 Working Group Updates

October 2018 Accessibility in DSpace

September 2018 DSpace Documentation and Training

August 2018 Community Forum Call

July 2018 OR2018/DSpace 7 debrief

May 2018 Repository Manager Q&A

March 2018 DSpace 7 Outreach Group

February 2018 DSpace documentation

January 2018 DSpace and the Scholarly Communications Ecosystem

2017 Meeting Notes

December 2017 DOIs + DSpace

November 2017 Brainstorming 2018 Topics

October 2017 DSpace Bitstream Format Registry and Levels of Support

September 2017 DSpace Statistics

August 2017 DCAT input on DSpace 7 and DSpace 6.1-x testing

July 2017 Workflow Strategies for Populating Your IR

June 2017 ORCID

May 2017 Harvested Content

April 2017 DSpace performance

March 2017 How are different institutions using crosswalks in DSpace?

February 2017 COAR Next Generation Repository user stories discussion

January 2017 JIRA Ticket Review

Meeting Archives

2016 DCAT Meeting Notes Archive

2015 DCAT Meeting Notes Archive

2014 DCAT Meeting Notes Archive

2013 DCAT Meeting Notes Archive

2012 DCAT Meeting Notes Archive

2011 DCAT Meeting Notes Archive

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