The DuraSpace organization provides a community group framework to help facilitate groups forming around various areas of interest or projects. Anyone interested in forming a new group is encouraged to make use of the tools and resources provided by DuraSpace, regardless of what technology they use (DSpace, Fedora, CONTENTdm, Digital Commons, EPrints, etc). If you have interest in starting a new group, please contact Valorie Hollister at vhollister[at]

There are several groups that have been initiated by the DuraSpace organization:
There are several other groups that have been collaboratively initiated by interested persons and/or organizations:
DuraSpace provides resources to community groups:
  • wiki - ability to create / update wiki pages to serve specific groups
  • mailing lists - ability to create and publicize a unique mailing lists for each group / area of interest
  • conference call #s - availability of free conference call numbers
  • IRC - access to live chat meeting rooms
  • in-person mtgs - ability to create and publicize in-person meetings either held in conjunction with other events or special meetings
  • webinars and recordings - access to the Infinite Conferencing webinar service
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