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Notes from 20141212 Planning Call


Melissa Haendel

Julia Trimmer

Jon Corson-Rikert

Paul Friedman

Nicole Vasilevsky

Layne Johnson

Carol Minton- Morris

Meeting space:

Meeting space at OHSU for 40-50 ppl





Main event: Monday and Tuesday

Optional 3rd day for "deep dive" meetings and working sessions on ontology, requirements gathering and use case development, etc

Social event Sunday evening, 3/15, likely at a local brew pub.

Conference room:

BICC gallery is booked for both days

AI: Need to book breakout rooms, how many people in each breakout? What times? (probably won’t be able to book the breakout rooms all day)

Suggested hotels:

Hotel: River’s Edge, OHSU promotional rate is available

Transportation to OHSU: Tram, cab

Restaurant options nearby: Aquariva

Hotel: Paramount Hotel, rates start at $129/nt

Transportation to OHSU: Bus, cab, streetcar to tram

Restaurant options nearby: Numerous downtown restaurants

Hotel: Hotel Lucia, rates start at $144/nt

Transportation to OHSU: Bus, cab, streetcar to tram

Restaurant options nearby: Numerous downtown restaurants

Recommended downtown restaurants:


Bunk sandwiches




Little Bird

Oven and Shaker


Notes from Julia Trimmer:

Would do again:

·         I liked having a hotel close by the seminar rooms.

·         I thought the sessions were nice and casual.

·         I would give maps of the buildings, the neighborhood, and the area of town we’re in.



Would do differently:

·         I would NOT use the same form for registering attendees b/c it was really hard to pull together a good list of attendees and nametags from the old form. I’d use one with separate fields for first name, last name, title and organization.

·         I would not worry about making reservations for large groups at local restaurants. We basically had only one group of 10 on one night.

·         I would make use of the local chamber of commerce for maps, dining info.

·         I’d probably buy fewer snacks, and I would ask colleagues to take of the snack breaks – I ended up doing too much of that on my own.

·         I might try to do a big social event one evening – but we didn’t really have a venue for this.

Meeting 12/12/14

Agenda items include:

  • a general ifest overview - Julia, Jon, any others

    • iFest at Duke last year, 4th year

    • 2014 iFest lasted five days, with a hackathon on the first day, three days of programmed activities divided into three tracks, and a workshop on the last day.

    • last year’s schedule —

    • 3 tracks

    • 50 people

    • structured in a lot of networking time

  • identification of key communications messages - All, Carol-Minton Morris

    • focus for this year- ontology (Shahim, Brian Lowe), data integration (Chris Barnes and/or Dave Eichmann), data visualization (Paul)

    • lots of sites only using part of the stack, diversity and pain points. help OHSU set up part of the stack- integrate data, pump out compliant data

    • training, using protege, how to extend the ontology and participate in development,

    • use case development, what new visualizations, using the data

    • extending ontology to support metrics, eval,

    • extending ontology for humanities

  • a reduced number of presentations and more on people getting involved

    • a strategic time for VIVO -- how do we move forward with our organizational infrastructure and priorities

    • Julia -- last year we tried to make it less of a conference and more participatory

      • if we assign times to people, do they go into automatic presentation mode? encourage more hands-on tutorials

    • More on the tutorial and data hacking side than writing applications

    • as an implementation fest, turning on the moving parts, filling them in, getting data out

    • keep consistency with the title

    • with a subtitle theme of data modeling/ontology development, data integration, and visualization

    • Paul - would be willing to have a session on using VIVO data in viz tools

      • exposure, training, and work planning

    • Melissa -- assign a lead to coordinate those 3 threads

      • would like people with expertise in VIVO data

      • Paul and a partner on the visualization theme -- Chris or Don

      • Chris Barnes or David Eichmann the data integration theme

      • Brian Lowe and Shahim lead the ontology effort (also interest from Alexandre Rademacher, Nate Prewitt from CU Boulder, and/or

    • what sessions from last time do we want to have again?

      • open social- eric meeks, tutorial so people actually implement a gadget in VIVO

      • SPARQL 101

      • Harvester -- see if we can get John Fereira

    • Melissa -- arrange the sessions in an end-to-end implementation with a demo data set

      • identify and harvest data (John Fereira, with Denver Fletcher from Converis to speak about his work)

      • populate the triple store

      • fire up a VIVO using the VIVO Vagrant tool (Ted Lawless, Don Elsborg, and/or Alex Viggio)

      • do some minor customizations -- list views, a custom form

      • add opensocial gadgets

      • extend the ontology

      • pull data out for visualizations and reporting

    • Layne -- we could produce an “Implementation Resource” based on the “end-to-end” approach for implementing VIVO - for new people to be able to use for installing and implementing VIVO - work on this documentation - probably the day after the i-fest

  • review of processes for program input and development

  • vivo search

  • what days?

    • Social event on Sunday night, 03/15

    • Monday and Tuesday March 16 & 17

    • optional extension into Wednesday for a deeper dive? (yes) in 2 smaller spaces

    • would

Action items:

  • NV: Look into meeting space at the River’s Edge

  • NV: Look into meeting space in 429 for 03/18 (try to reserve two spaces)

  • All: Reach out to team leads

  • Paul: find partner on visualization team

  • MH: reach out to Dave regarding integration theme and finding a partner (chris barnes or Ted Lawless)

  • MH: Shahim and Brian, involve Alexandre and Violeta

  • Jon: Paul Albert- create registration form, try to get a head count including for Sunday night

  • Jon: reach out to Don for the end-to-end

Ontology - Shahim, Bryan;

Alexandre Rademacher (Fundacao Getulia Vargas)

Violeta Ilik, Northwestern

Nate Prewitt (CU Boulder)

Josh Hanna (UF)

Integration - David Eichmann

Chris Barnes

Visualization -Paul Friedmann


Don Elsborg

Alex Viggio

Layne J.

Announcement: Carol & Layne

VIVO I-Fest is happening! We’ll be meeting in Portland at OHSU on March 16-18.

Themes this year are

Layne to update a wiki page for the i-fest --

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