VIVO I-Fest 2015

The 2015 VIVO Implementation Fest will be hosted by the Oregon Health and Science University on Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17th, 2015 at the OHSU Library in Portland, Oregon. Set high on a hill above the city and reachable by a cable car, OHSU will be great venue for this event, not least because of the eclectic food and cultural attractions of Portland itself.

A team is being formed to plan the event and your input (and participation) would be very helpful – please contact Nicole Vasilevsky (vasilevs at for questions on local arrangements and Layne Johnson, VIVO project director (ljohnson at for questions on the topics to be covered and schedule until the full team has been formed.

While each I-Fest is unique, some patterns have emerged and it may be worth reviewing materials from previous implementation fest events at Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Colorado Boulder, and Duke University.

2015 VIVO I-Fest Announcement and Invitation

2015 VIVO I-Fest Logistics

VIVO I-Fest Planning Meeting Minutes

I-Fest Planning Team Charter

The Team Charter may be found --> here


Is there a charge for the I-Fest?

  • No – you pay your travel, hotel, and meals, but VIVO does not charge any fees.  The hosting institution provides spaces and coffee/snacks and arranges opportunities for group dinners and optional additional social or cultural events
  • We do request that all attendees register in advance so that we have accurate counts for room sizes and refreshments and achieve a balance in the program based on the interests attendees have expressed

Who may attend?

  • This is an event traditionally geared toward people evaluating VIVO for adoption and newer implementing sites, but many long-term members of the community attend to help give talks and hands-on sessions, network with each other, and learn what others are doing
  • This year we are likely to have a special focus on the VIVO-ISF ontology that the OHSU Ontology Development Team, led by Dr. Melissa Haendel, were instrumental in developing and continue to maintain

What is the format?

  • The I-Fest is not a conference with a formal program solicitation process and highly structured sequence of presentations. The emphasis is on informal interaction and exchange of ideas, on orienting people new to VIVO, and building working relationships across sites to provide additional networking and support
  • We welcome ideas for hands-on sessions – what would you like to attend, and are there sessions you'd be willing to lead? Would you be willing to give a lightning talk showcasing what you've been able to accomplish?
  • Another likely emphasis this year will be on working across VIVO's longstanding working groups – Implementation & Development, Apps & Tools, Ontology, and Engagement – especially in targeted areas such as visualization

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