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  • Rob Cartalano
  • Mike Conlon
  • Jonathan Markow 
  • Andi Ogier
  • Julia Trimmer

Minutes: Jonathan





Brainstorm our approach to recruitment

Jonathan and others
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  • Resources:
  • It would be helpful to have the URL associated with each prospect's VIVO.  Is that available anywhere?  In the registry?
    • Might be possible to search the site for contact information
    • Mike sez:  Only about a third of the URLs have been self-entered in the registry. They are hot-linked from the name of the institution
  • We need more Decision Maker and Advocate contacts for the prospect list!  How can we get them?
    • Email the "Anyone" contact (someone we know at the institution) and ask them for the other contact info (All)
    • Ask Dave Eichmann if he can provide the CTSA Search institutional contacts (Jonathan)
      • These institutions either have VIVOs or their data is based on the VIVO ontology, so they should be contributing to the VIVO project.  Right??!?
  • We will begin contacting the few people we do know who are associated with our prospect institutions.  A few of us have already "signed up" as a volunteer for various institutions.  Mike has given the go-ahead for us to begin contacting those people (All)
  • We will meet again the week of 4/25 (TBD).  Thereafter, we will meet biweekly as the campaign kicks off.




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