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The Membership task force has finished its work for 2016 and will restart in the spring of 2017. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mike Conlon


The Membership Task Force will organize all effort related to the 2016 VIVO Membership Drive.  The Membership Drive is an annual activity to enroll new members and to renew existing members.  VIVO is a member-supported project.  Membership is the key mechanism for raising funds for VIVO.


  1. Double the number of VIVO members
  2. Maintain at least 100% revenue from current members
  3. Develop and execute a plan of action to recruit new members and retain current ones


  • "Decision Maker" and "Advocate" contacts for new prospects
  • Plan for soliciting membership prospects
  • Plan for retaining current members at current levels or higher
  • Achieve task force objectives by Oct 31, 2016


Task Force Members

Meeting Times

The task force will meet bi-weekly during the early period of the campaign, beginning the week of April 4, 2016, meeting times TBD.  The task force will run concurrently with the DuraSpace annual membership campaign, April to October, 2016.  The meeting schedule will decline in frequency during the campaign.

Communication Channels

  • Task force members will share a Google Sheet with campaign data; task force will communicate through teleconferences and emails

  • Notes of meetings will appear below
  • Steering and Leadership groups will review status of membership drive on a regular basis; remainder of the community will be kept up to date through VIVO Updates

Agendas and Notes