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Release Notes

New and Improved

Updated versions of standard SPs

All standard Islandora 6.x solution packs have been updated for use in Islandora 7.x-1.1. These include:

Improved Large Image SP using OpenSeadragon viewer

The Large Image Solution Pack has been reconfigured to use OpenSeadragon, a "framework agnostic and completely open version of the Ajax-based Deep-Zoom viewer."

Improved Book SP with robust configuration options

The Book Solution Pack has been improved both in terms of stability and in the range of configuration options available to the user.

HOCR Highlights in Book and Newspaper SPs

Highlighting functionality is provided through the Islandora OCR module, which integrates Tesseract into the Islandora Paged Content module. It allows for creation of OCR and HOCR derivatives that can be appended to a page as a datastream.

Improved Solr Client

The Islandora Solr Search has gained new tools and features form the 6.x version. Solr search in 7.x can be configured to allow for auto-complete fields and comes with new pre-made blocks for sorting and displaying query results.

Responsive Theming Support

Islandora 7.x is designed to integrate cleanly with responsive Drupal themes such as AdaptiveTheme or Aether


The MARCXML Module is a plugin that works with all solution packs to add new options to ingest and view metadata in MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) format.

FITS module for extracting and displaying technical info

All standard solutions packs have been configured to work with the FITS Extractor modules, which adds technical metadata extraction via the File Information Tool Set (FITS).

Collection Manager

The collection management interface has undergone improvements in functionality.

General Improvements

Islandora 7.x-1.1 supports a new modular framework for viewers and other modules, most modules have gained a more detailed and robust set of configuration options over their 6.x predecessors, and a great dela of code clean-up has gone on behind the scenes to make this version of Islandora a much smoother and more stable piece of software since the beta release.

Known Issues

  • Newspaper Solution Pack is incomplete and will be released separately.
  • Book and newspaper batch ingest is incomplete and will be released separately.
  • Books and PDFs ingested into the D6 version of Islandora are incompatible with D7 Islandora due to changed Datastreams. These changes are relatively small and a migration script is forthcoming.
  • Deleting a form does not delete its associations. To workaround: Recreate a form with the same name and remove the associations.




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Tools & Dependencies

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Bug Fixes

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Google Developers Group: For support, feedback, and bug reports.

Google Users Group: For user-related issues and information. for general information and updates about the project.


Islandora operates under a GNU license.