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The Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader is an implementation of Open Library's Internet Archive Bookreader web app. It is used by the Islandora Book Solution Pack to display a series of pages as an entire book that can be accessed on the book's 'View' page.




The Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader module can be found on the Release Notes and Downloads page.

The actual Bookreader library from Open Library can be found at their GitHub repository here:


Though the actual Bookreader module is installed the same way as any Drupal module is, the Bookreader library needs to be downloaded and placed manually. This can be done in two different ways:

  • If 'git' is installed on your server, you can navigate to your Drupal installation's sites/all/libraries folder and run "git clone git://" to automatically clone the repository. If 'git' isn't installed, you can often get it from standard Linux package managers by running a command similar to 'apt-get install git' or 'yum install git'.
  • If you wouldn't like to use GitHub's standard repository manager, you can navigate to the repository's site in the Downloads section above, click the button to download the repository as a ZIP file, and extract it to your Drupal installation's sites/all/libraries folder. If you do this, you will need to rename the extracted folder from 'bookreader-branch' (e.g. bookreader-master) to simply 'bookreader' 


Controls for the Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader are identical to the standard Internet Archive Bookreader:

  1. Link to the front page of the book
  2. Another link to the cover
  3. Search field that is able to look through the OCR datastream of the book object
  4. Button to initiate an OCR search from the text field
  5. Button to have the pages automatically and methodically flip to the next one after a short period of time
  6. Button showing basic MODS information
  7. Button to view the OCR output for the current page
  8. Button to generate URL links to share the book
  9. The actual book's viewing pane
  10. A slider to quickly switch between pages
  11. Button to view a single page at a time
  12. Button to view two pages side by side, like a standard physical book
  13. Button to view all pages in a grid layout
  14. Zoom controls (in and out)
  15. Button to hide the bottom-most navigation pane
  16. Controls to move to the next or previous page


A configuration page for the Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader can be found at, and include the following options:

  • Djatoka URL - the URL at which the Internet Archive Bookreader should be making requests to Djatoka. On a standard installation of Fedora, Tomcat and Drupal, this will be
  • The djatoka image compression level - designates the quality of page images viewed through the bookreader.
  • SOLR full text field name - the field that Solr uses to search OCR. This will be used to view text and perform text searches from within the bookreader.
  • Solr field that has the relationship to the book object pid - the RELS-EXT field that designates the membership of a book object. Used to perform book searches.
  • The maximum number of results to return in a solr query - the number of results given when doing a search within the bookreader
  • A field that holds the page sequence numbers - the RELS-EXT field that designates the page or sequence number of a single page.
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