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The Audio Solution Pack adds the ability to create audio collections, which can be used to upload WAV and MP3 files as objects. These files can then be downloaded by users, or the JWPlayer library and module can be installed to allow for playing of the file in the View tab. On ingest, the module can also use an installation of the LAME audio encoder to create derivative audio files.



Release Notes and Downloads


The Audio Solution Pack configuration options can be accessed at and includes the following options:

  • Path to LAME: Upon installing the LAME Audio Codec, an executable is created on your server. The Audio Solution Pack module requires the path to this executable to run. On Linux-based servers, this path can often be found by running:
whereis lame


By default, the Audio Solution Pack is unable to play any audio files directly in the browser; however, the JWPlayer library and module can be installed, adding that option to the Viewers section. Check the JWPlayer page for more information.

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Audio Solution Pack comes with the following objects in

  • Islandora Audio Content Model (islandora:sp-audioCModel)
  • Audio Collection (islandora:audio_collection)

An audio file ingested using the Audio Solution Pack's content model and LAME will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata


MODS record filled out during ingest


Dublin Core record


Original audio file uploaded

PROXY_MP3MP3 derivative created by the LAME encoder
TNDefault thumbnail icon for audio objects

The Audio Solution Pack comes with the Audio MODS form.

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