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The MARCXML Module is a plugin that works with all solution packs to add new options to ingest and view metadata in MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) format. When this module is enabled:

On Ingest - A step is added to browse your local machine for MARC XML metadata, bypassing the ingest form. This MARC record will be cross-walked and stored as a MODS records and the MARC record is discarded.

On Batch Ingest - MARC XML can be included in a zipped batch just like MODS or DC.

On Viewing - A new tab is added to all objects to view the MODS datastream as a MARC record using an on-the-fly transformation. The transformed MARC record is available for download. Any object with a MODS datastream can be viewed as a MARC record, whether or not it was ingested using the MARC XML option.

The MARC record is never stored in Fedora - it is always generated on-the-fly by the module from the data available in the MODS record


Using the MARCXML Module

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