Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Proposals that have either been retired or decided to not move forward on. These may contain details that still may be of interest in future proposals

Adding metadata authority controls and vocabularies to the data model

Open up rights to use a controlled vocabulary and link from an external source

Asynchronous Release

Asynchronous Release: Asynchronous Release is change in the DSpace release process and version numbering process on modules within the DSpace trunk to allow more flexibility adding prebuilt Addon modules into DSpace.

Asynchronous Release - Alternative Option


Configurable submission is one of only a few mechanisms in DSpace to assist the process of managing the metadata or other characteristics of items being ingested. Another tool is the Item template, which notably also is only configurable by collection. You can think of both of them in terms of a more general capability: using contextual information to streamline or automate the ingest. We can call this capability 'context-driven ingest' or perhaps 'context-assisted ingest'. Maybe the best descri

Database Persistence of Configuration State

Design Direction Proposal to work on the elimination of configuration files in favor of storing configuration in database wherever possible.

Data Protection and Privacy

Develop support for additional metadata standards

Use the "Other" field to specify which standards  

Fedora Inside

Hierarchical Metadata Support - LOM and MODS

i18n Improvements Proposal

Improved or more transparent metadata flexibility

Simplify/make local customizations more accessible through UI and expose RDF triples  

Installer Brainstorms

Maven Project Consolidation

Metadata enhancement work or proposals summary

summary page of the metadata projects/priorities identified by the October 2011 community survey on improving metadata support authored by the DSpace Community Advisory Team at the request of the DSpace Committers/Developers

Moving metadata related configurations from dspace.cfg to the database

Improve the verification/safety measures when editing/removing metadata fileds  

Proposal For Metadata Enhancement

Proposed RoadMap to 2.0

This page represented a proposed RoadMap to 2.0 from Tim Donohue. It still needs broader discussion/approval before adoption.

Quartz for Asynchronous Scheduling Service

Using Quartz as a utility to manage asynchronous eventing in DSpace Services, we can setup a job scheduling environment in the DSpace web application that is consistent across platforms. Likewise, jobs can be managed such that they are persistent across tomcat sessions/restarts and give the Repo Admins the ability to manage the scheduling and de-scheduling of activities.

Refactoring MediaFilterManager for greater reuse and flexibility

Refactoring the DSpace Domain Model

Refactor Packagers to support Chain of Command

Restructure Trunk Projects

This is a page of possible technical refactoring proposals for moving the trunk forward towards greater modularity and plug-ability.

Standardizing the default namespaces

Currently instead of creating a customized metadata schema, some DSpace repository managers edit the default registry, effectively breaking compliance with the standard Dublin Core. This can create a problem for the portability of data to/from of your repository. It has been proposed that in the future that DSpace would include 3 different metadata schemas, to insure that the metadata will be easily portable to other systems

VOID LoD Endpoint Descriptor

EPrints supports VOID and LoD, So should we?

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