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These brainstorms came out of a discussion in a developers meeting on Feb 13, 2013.  Those in attendance (tdonohue, mhwood, hpottinger, helix84) came up with a general "manifesto" or roadmap for the future of DSpace's build & installation processes.

Installer Goals / Manifesto

(In no particular order)

  1. People who don't need to customize code shouldn't need Maven.
  2. People who don't need to customize code shouldn't need Ant.
  3. We may want to use Ant anyway, but it should be embedded in the packaging.
    1. i.e. If we want to use Ant, we should embed it rather than requiring it be installed separately
  4. It should be possible to unpack a stock DSpace with small, simple tools that everyone has, and get something that can be made to run with reasonable effort.
  5. It should be a lot simpler to do automated installation.
  6. We may need to break out some tools for optional tasks, like cleaning out the database.
  7. We're still committed to Maven for build-time.
  8. We may have to adjust some boundary lines between Maven, Ant, etc.
  9. An embedded container that Just Runs would aid development and troubleshooting.
    1. e.g. There have been brainstorms of trying to use the Maven::Jetty plugin to spin up DSpace in Jetty quickly (mvn jetty:run) for debugging or development


As for the installer itself, OneJar has been suggested. Joao later also suggested IzPack.

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