Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

This page is obsolete.  We now use GitHub issue tickets and projects for all in progress development. 

If your work on DSpace involved any of the aspects below, please go to the relevant page to see what's going on, and add yourself to the list of interested parties! (Just add your name to the bottom of the page.) The goal of the DSpace Community Process is to establish an organizational process to the creation of new Proposals, Special topic Meetings, and their eventual "graduation" into DSpace Development Projects with scheduled integration timeframes to get into DSpace.

DSpace architecture white paper by RobertTansley - dspace-architecture-whitepaper.pdf\

Legacy Idea Pool

Please work through these idea pages (children of the DevelopmentAreas page) and the rest of the hardcoded list below to consolidate the sections of this page into labels for above grouping.

Everything Under this Point needs to get reorganized and labeled. Use appropriate labels so that project proposals and active work areas show up where they should above.

From Scratchpad...

This page is intended for those of you doing DSpace work to provide a link to wiki pages you may have created to support your development work or to document your procedures.
Typically code will be stored in the "sandbox" area of the source tree.


Work towards the DSpace 2.0 architecture: DSpace 2.0 Original Proposal

Storage refactoring

  • AssetStore - standards-based AIP storage layer for easier preservation
  • AipPrototype - (OBSOLETE - AIP Backup and Restore has replaced this). Please use prototype AIP implementation, above the asset store layer, for use on DSpace 1.4/1.5. Emphasis is on preservation and custody transfer of archived objects.
  • PluggableStorage - allow easier integration of different asset store backends. Prototypes within.
  • DAO Prototype - removes storage layer depedendent code from core classes. Should make it easier to port DSpace to other database platforms.


User interface framework

Other aspects





Installation / Updates

  • Installer Prototype - Prototype for a new "easy" installer, which will better automate the Installation/Upgrade processes for DSpace.

Big Data

Other planned/possible work

  • Half-developed: Diagnostics servlet. A servlet that goes around and kicks the apps's tyres a bit on startup or on request. At the moment this just checks that the lucene index is present and unlocked. I'm hoping to extend this to checking that the db is present and correct, and maybe to check that the db and filesystem are in synch. No schema changes. Ojd20
  • Largely conceptual, some code snippets exist: Upgraded submission system (SubmissionSystem) - this is quite a big job so perhaps not for 1.3 but we'll see. RichardJones
  • Conceptual, shouldn't be too hard: Upgraded workflow system (WorkflowSystem) - not too big a job I don't think. Hardest part will almost certainly be the interface, as the options could be a little convoluted. RichardJones
  • Hierarchical collections as well as communities. Not implemented.