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Network Interfaces

Ways for DSpace to interoperate with remote systems.

Currently Available Interfaces

  • OAI-PMH support already built in. This allows metadata harvesting currently of simple Dublin Core only. OAICat has a plug-in framework where additional 'crosswalks' can be added for qualified DC, METS etc. etc.
  • SRW/U Web-services and RESTful interfaces for remote search (based on Z39.50, but simplified.) Currently a separate piece of software. Ideally, should be integrated into DSpace; the DSpace 'bridge' part should be part of the DSpace code, and then the SRW/U code could be included as a JAR. Ralph LeVan at OCLC has agreed that this is a good route forward; all we need now is someone with the time to do it! (wink)
  • A standardized deposit interface based upon the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP). Also supported by EPrints and Fedora.
  • SSH command-line interface - mentioned for completeness
  • Web UI - mentioned for completeness
  • DSpace Lightweight Network Interface (LNI) is supported as of release 1.5. Also see the original LightweightNetworkInterface wiki page.

In Development

  • CARET project at Cambridge University and MIT are developing a SOAP/WSDL-based "WebServiceForDSpace"
  • RSS feeds from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (almost ready)
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