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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


Content submitted to a repository may be restricted by laws, policies, or contractual obligations that require the submitter not to publish or enable public access to the content for a period of time. This period of time is the embargo period. Once that period has elapsed, the constraints of the embargo are withdrawn.

Our (Johns Hopkins) constraints allow for embargoed item metadata to be indexed and viewed, but representations of the item cannot be retrieved. Different collections, communities, or institutions may have different constraints or policies on what an embargo encompasses.

Some JHU Embargo Patch Documentation is available.

Current Status (June '09)

  • Efforts are underway to add embargo functionality to DSpace 1.6
  • A patch for DSpace 1.5.2 is out.
  • A patch for DSpace 1.5.1 is out.

DSpace 1.5.x Embargoes

  • Builds and patches available here
  • Code/docs/tests last updated: June 17 2009
  • DSpace 1.5.1 version distributed with Embargo 1.0.0
  • DSpace 1.5.2 version distributed with Embargo 1.0.3


  • A couple widgets still need to be written for XMLUI
  • some TODO's remain in the policy implementation
  • Database schema updates need to be incorporated into the build.xml.
  • A web widget for defining allowable embargo periods on a per-collection basis (currently you have to edit the embargoselectprofile database table).
  • Register the prism metadata scheme (this may not be needed and i'll just pull out the use of prism).

Project Structure

The embargo project is composed of three major chunks of code:

1) The embargo API

2) The DSpace embargo API implementation

3) Changes to DSpace itself to use the embargo API

The embargo API and DSpace embargo api impl is a Maven project housed at JHU DRCC. Changes to DSpace itself are maintained in a SVN development branch also housed at JHU.


See the maven website


DSpace 1.4.x Embargoes (no longer active)