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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


DSpace 2.0 Development Site

Current Development

Planning: DSpace 2.0 Road Map - A Central Entry Point for organizing DSpace 2.0 Development Activities

Issue Tracking: DSpace Jira

The Source: SVN Repository

Architecture and Documentation:

DSpace 2.0 Getting Started - Getting Started Guides.

DSpace 2.0 Kernel - Info on the kernel and service manager

DSpace 2.0 Core Services - Info on the core services and their dependencies

DSpace 2.0 AuthNZ - Info on the Authentication and Authorization Requirements for DSpace.

DS2-Kernel.ppt - OR09 presentation on the framework and service manager

Design Guidelines and resources

DSpace 2.0 Design Guidelines

DSpace 2.0 Requirements and Issues

DSpace 2.0 Comparing Existing Technologies

DSpace 2.0 Engineering Documentation

DSpace 2.0 Modelling Framework

DSpace 2.0 Modelling Services

DSpace 2.0 Modelling DSpace Objects

DSpace 2.0 Expressing DSpace Domain Model In RDF

Related Anaysis of Existing Frameworks, API and Standards

DSpace 2.0 Modelling Fedora in RDF

Rob Tansleys Original Proposal

DSpace 2.0 Original Proposal

Fall 2006 Architectural review Resources


Important Existing Initiatives Delegation Layer

DSpace 2.0 Pluggable Storage

BitstreamFormat Renovation

Google Summer of Code 2007 Versioning

DAO Prototype

DSpace Fedora Collaboration

Google Summer of Code 2008 Fedora Integration

Google Summer of Code 2008 Semantic Web