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For read/manage Lucene indexes you can use the friendly tool Luke.

DSpace use his own Analyzer so if you want check query transformation you need to tell Luke where it can be found. You need to run Luke adding to the classpath dspace-api-XXX.jar file (NOTE that for DSpace < 1.5 you need to use dspace.jar).

The current DSpace analyzer seems not to work with Luke 1.0.1.

1. Start Luke with:
java -cp lukeall-0.9.9.jar:/path/to/dspace/lib/dspace-api-XXX.jar org.getopt.luke.Luke
2. Set index directory:

3. Set Analyzer:

4. Set default field:

5. Set plugin

Build your own DSpace Analyzer

If you want build DSpace Analyzer without (re)build all DSpace API you need to make a jar file with

and any others custom filter that you have added.

In Eclipse you can do using the export tools (select the files belove, right click Export... Jar file), actually you need to mark the "export class files with compile warnings" because DSAnalyzer use Raw type (Set).

Finally you can use your own Analyzer running Luke with the follow command

java -classpath lukeall-0.9.9.jar:/path/to/youranalyzer/youranalyzer.jar org.getopt.luke.Luke
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