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This page is the homepage for all yearly DSpace strategic planning activities led by the DSpace Steering Group in conjunction with other Project Teams, including but not limited to: DSpace Committers, DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT), and the DSpace Leadership Group.

2018 Strategic Planning Activities


In 2018, the follow working groups are still actively meeting:

  • DSpace 7 Working Group is working to design and develop the new Angular UI and REST API for the DSpace 7.0 release.
  • DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group is helping support the DSpace 7 Working Group around outreach and communication.
  • DSpace Entities Working Group is continuing analysis of options for enhancing the DSpace data model with additional "entities" (objects), for improved integration with CRIS systems and external identifier systems (e.g. ORCiD).

Upcoming Schedule

  • April 2018
  • May 2018
  • June 2018
    • Update presentation on DSpace 7 at the OR2018 conference
    • Developer training/workshops at OR2018 on the DSpace 7 UI and REST API


2017 Strategic Planning Activities


In 2017, the DSpace 7 Working Group was established to formalize the process of building a new Angular UI and REST API for the DSpace 7.0 release.

  • Early in 2017, this DSpace 7 team concentrated on planning out the architecture (especially for the enhanced REST API) and building the "framework" for the Angular UI.
  • In parallel, a DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group was established to help with outreach, and update/capture use cases needed to be met by the new UI. See: Use Cases

In late 2017, the DSpace Entities Working Group was also established to analyze options for enhancing the DSpace data model with additional "entities" (objects), for improved integration with CRIS systems and external identifier systems (e.g. ORCiD).


2016 Strategic Planning Activities


In early 2016, the DSpace UI Prototype Working Group has been working with UI prototype developers (from DSpace UI Prototype Challenge) and DSpace Committers to analyze User Interface platforms and recommend a single platform to build the next DSpace UI (as a replacement to both the XMLUI and JSPUI). This new User Interface is planned to be initially released in DSpace 7.0 (timelines TBD).



  • DSpace UI Prototype Challenge : Details the UI Prototype Challenge entries (including documentation and code/project links). Video demonstrations and Q&A with all developers is also available.

  • DSpace UI Prototype Evaluation Form: Public feedback form which was used to gather feedback from Working Group members, Committers and anyone on mailing lists (who offered feedback)
  • DSpace UI Working Group Summary: Summary of the UI prototype discussions and analysis (based on Evaluation Form and Video demos, etc), along with details about the potential UI platforms.

2015 Strategic Planning Activities


In 2015, the DSpace Steering Group established an ad hoc "DSpace RoadMap Working Group" (made up of members of Steering, Committers, and DCAT) to develop a 3-5 year Strategic Plan for Technology along with a shorter term (1-2 year) Technical Roadmap detailing how we can immediately improve the software towards achieving our Strategic Plan. Out of that work, a new User Interface was deemed the highest priority, near-term need on the DSpace RoadMap

In late 2015, an ad hoc DSpace UI Prototype Working Group was established (by DSpace Steering Group), and they organized a DSpace UI Prototype Challenge, to begin the process of prototyping / selecting a new User Interface platform.


2014 Strategic Planning Activities


In 2014, the DSpace project teams concentrated on establishing a formalized Governance model, ran a  "Vision Survey" to gather needs/use cases from the user community, and compiled an early list of Use Cases based on the survey responses. We also began work on an early "Product Plan" which detailed feature/use case priorities based on the survey results. The survey results, an early Product Plan, and the Governance model were all presented at OR2014 in a session titled "The Future of DSpace"


  • Project Governance : DSpace formalized its Project Governance model, establishing a DSpace Steering Group and a DSpace Leadership Group, while also formalizing existing Working Groups such as DCAT and Committers. For more details of the roles/responsibilities of each group, also see Project Teams.
  • DSpace 2014 Product Plan : An initial, high level plan of use cases / features that DSpace should strive to achieve. This Product Plan was based on the results of the (early 2014) "Vision Survey". It was developed by an temporary Product Planning Group, made up of representatives of DCAT, Committers and the Steering Group.

  • Use Cases : Based on the 2014 Vision Survey, and Product Plan, the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) held a series of meetings to gather community Use Cases
  • "The Future of DSpace" session at OR2014 summarized the above documents as well as the Vision Survey results.

2013 Visioning Activities


In 2013, an ad-hoc "Vision Team" began discussions and brainstorms around what the goals and priorities of the DSpace platform should be in the coming years. This resulted in a high-level, five point Vision Document, which was presented at OR2013 and developed into a Vision Survey in late 2013 / early 2014.


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