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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.


Next Sprint

Sprints have moved to DSpace 7 Working Group

Community Sprints have now been "merged" into the weekly development processes of the DSpace 7 Working Group (2016-2023).  This working group is running ongoing sprints from Feb to approximately June 2020 to complete the 7.0 release.  If you'd like to join that effort, join a Working Group meeting (see wiki page above) or contact us via Slack (#dev-sprint channel)

Sprint Planning / Details

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 4 for details about Sprint tasks/goals.


Signups are now open! Please add your name below if you wish to participate in this two-week sprint.  

Participant Signups

If you are only available on certain days/times during the sprint weeks, please feel free to note your availability below.  Also, please note if you prefer to work on the DSpace 7 REST API (Java), User Interface (Angular), or both.

  • [Add your name, institution. Please include your estimated availability during the sprint (e.g. as a percentage) and/or list any days during sprint you are unavailable.  Also let us know if you prefer to work on the REST API or Angular UI, or both.]

Expectations from Participants 

  • We have no requirements for your availability during sprint weeks. However, we do ask that you attempt to clear your schedule enough to work on (ideally a few) tickets/tasks during the sprint. At the beginning of the sprint, we'll ask you for your estimated availability (e.g. 20% time or 1 day each week, 40% time or 2 days each week, etc), and work to steer you toward tickets achievable within your available time. You may also specify your exact availability in the signup form below.
  • You will be expected to manage your own work schedule, attend minimal meetings & report your ongoing progress (as described in the below DSpace 7 Community Sprints#Sprint Schedule).
  • You will be expected to have some existing knowledge of DSpace concepts (on v6 or below) and a willingness to be proactive in learning any new DSpace 7 concepts (see DSpace 7 Community Sprints#Resources below), such as Angular and/or REST API. While you are more than welcome to use this Sprint as a learning experience, we will not have any formalized training/workshops during the Sprint week itself. That said, video/materials from last year's DSpace Angular workshop is available in the DSpace 7 Community Sprints#Resources below.
  • You will be expected to be proactive in asking for help or asking questions if you get stuck  (see also DSpace 7 Community Sprints#Support Options below). Ongoing support will be available on Slack from Sprint Coaches (see below) and other participants. We also have a Zoom video conferencing room (DSpace Meeting Room) available for "face to face" discussions, screen sharing and/or pair programming.

Sprint Coaches

Coaches should be available during both sprint weeks for help getting up to speed / answering questions / debugging issues / pair programming requests, etc.  If you are unavailable on specific days during the sprint, please note those days below.

  • (coming soon)

Sprint #3 (Oct 1-12, 2018)

Sprint Summary

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 3 for details about Sprint #3 summary.

Sprint #2 (July 9-20, 2018)

Sprint Summary

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 2 for details about Sprint #2 summary.

Sprint #1 (May 7-18, 2018)

Sprint Summary

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 1 for details about Sprint #1 summary.


Sprint Schedule

  • Weekly Kickoff Meeting (each Monday)
    • Sprint Participants (or a representative from your organization) should attend the Sprint Week Kickoff Meeting in DSpace Meeting Room.
      • Anyone unable to attend must touch base with the Sprint Coordinator (Tim Donohue) via another means (Slack, DSpace Meeting Room, email, etc) for any necessary information.
    • The goal of the Kickoff meeting is to:
      • Touch base & finalize plans / goals for the Sprint week (i.e. ensure everyone is on the same page)
      • Ensure all participants have assigned tasks, and any necessary support/resources to begin their work
      • As necessary, go through expectations / protocols of the Sprint (e.g. Contributing code via PRs, Where to ask for help/support, Meeting schedule for week, etc)
      • Address or discuss any questions that sprint participants may have
  • Daily Standups via Slack: On each day of the sprint (Tues-Fri), prior to 15:00 UTC (11:00 am EDT), each participant should report their status update in the Slack #dev-sprint channel.  This will act as our daily "standup" meeting.
    • Template (feel free to copy and paste into Slack and fill in the details)

      Standup Template
      [DSpace 7 Sprint]
      Tasks completed: 
        * List ticket titles / links that you completed (since your last update)
        * Please include brief textual description
      Working on:
        * List ticket titles / links that you plan to work on next (or continue work on)
        * Please include brief textual description
        * Is there anything blocking your progress today? Give a brief textual description
  • Sprint Wrap-up Meeting (Last Thursday or Friday, depending on the Sprint)
    • This meeting is an opportunity for Sprint participants & coaches to talk about the final results of the Sprint, and provide feedback on how to improve future sprints
      • How did the Sprint go for everyone? Any pluses (pros), minuses (cons) or deltas (areas of improvement) you'd like to express to Sprint Coordinator?
      • Are there any sprint tasks that are still "in progress" or unfinished?  How can those be either continued or handed off to someone else?
  • Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary

Support Options

  • Sprint coaches are available for support. Keep in mind however that sprint coaches may be in a different timezone from you. Therefore we have a few guidelines to keep in mind:
    • Please ask your questions publicly on Slack. You may mention specific individuals by name to alert them to your message. 
    • Please avoid private, one-on-one messaging (unless you are actively pair-programming on a task). That way other sprint coaches/participants may also provide support and/or learn from your questions.
  • Requests for help / questions should be asked on Slack. Please use the #dev-sprint channel.
  • The DSpace Meeting Room may also be used to do pair programming / screen sharing / ad hoc meetings / support. Keep in mind we only have the one room, so be sure to share it with others if they need it.
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