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Community Goals

These strategic goals revolve around growing and maintaining an active user and developer community around DSpace open source product.

Goal 1: Expand the DSpace governance model to recognize managed, in-kind developer contributions. 

Goal 2: Increase participation in membership and governance by the international DSpace community

Goal 3:  Coordinate project activity for more managed, predictable results

  • Action 3a. Develop and maintain a community-driven technical roadmap for the DSpace software platform, detailing high priority development tasks which can be "claimed" or shared by groups of developers, institutions or service providers
  • Action 3b.  Schedule on-going developer sprints with volunteer contributors, led/coordinated by the DSpace Technical Lead
  • Action 3c.  Welcome ad hoc developer contributions that are scheduled for inclusion into a release
  • Action 3d. Create a policy to avoid project-level support of redundant features when avoidable

Goal 4: Develop partnerships with other organizations and projects in the repository ecosystem

  • Action 4a Identify other projects or institutions that DSpace should integrate or function effectively with, for example the Digital Preservation Network, euroCRIS, or ORCID.
    • Survey/scan the environment and establish which projects, institutions, and organizations DSpace should integrate or function effectively with.
    • Evaluate international initiatives for strengthening open access repository interoperability, such as the COAR Roadmap (
    • Prioritize the results of the above survey and develop strategies for developing appropriate relationship/partnerships with the most significant organizations.
    • Increase relationships with organizations outside of North America that use or support the use of DSpace.  Develop a strategy for cultivating these relationships.
    • Develop closer, mutually beneficial relationships with service providers.
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