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Sprint #3 (Oct 1-12, 2018)

Sprint Planning / Details

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 3 for details about Sprint tasks/goals.


Signups are now open! Please add your name below if you wish to participate in this two-week sprint.  

Participant Signups

If you are only available on certain days/times during the sprint weeks, please feel free to note your availability below.  Also, please note if you prefer to work on the DSpace 7 REST API (Java), User Interface (Angular), or both.

  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker , The Library Code, 20% of my time. (Angular UI)
  • Stefan Fritzsche , TU-Dresden, 40% of my time, unavailable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Both: REST API & Angular UI)
  • Terrence W Brady , Georgetown University Library (availability TBD)
  • Alina Budnitzki , TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, unavailable on Tuesdays and Fridays, on Oct/3 (Angular UI)
  • Michael Spalti , Willamette Univ, 30%, availability TBD while traveling -- but will be available for sprint meetings
  • Bill Tantzen , University of Minnesota, 50% (REST API)
  • Oliver Goldschmidt , Hamburg University of Technology, unavailable on Oct/3 (holiday in Germany), ~10-20% time for the Sprint. I'd like to complete the OpenSearch implementation started in the 2nd Sprint.
  • Christian Scheible , University of Konstanz, unavailable on Oct/3 (holiday in Germany), 20% of my time. (Angular UI)
  • Pablo Prieto , Almat. 20% of my time. (REST API)
  • [Add your name, institution. Please include your estimated availability during the sprint (e.g. as a percentage) and/or list any days during sprint you are unavailable.  Also let us know if you prefer to work on the REST API or Angular UI, or both.]

Expectations from Participants 

  • We have no requirements for your availability during sprint weeks. However, we do ask that you attempt to clear your schedule enough to work on (ideally a few) tickets/tasks during the sprint. At the beginning of the sprint, we'll ask you for your estimated availability (e.g. 20% time or 1 day each week, 40% time or 2 days each week, etc), and work to steer you toward tickets achievable within your available time. You may also specify your exact availability in the signup form below.
  • You will be expected to manage your own work schedule, attend minimal meetings & report your ongoing progress (as described in the below Sprint Schedule).
  • You will be expected to have some existing knowledge of DSpace concepts (on v6 or below) and a willingness to be proactive in learning any new DSpace 7 concepts (see Resources below), such as Angular and/or REST API. While you are more than welcome to use this Sprint as a learning experience, we will not have any formalized training/workshops during the Sprint week itself. That said, video/materials from last year's DSpace Angular workshop is available in the Resources below.
  • You will be expected to be proactive in asking for help or asking questions if you get stuck  (see also Support Options below). Ongoing support will be available on Slack from Sprint Coaches (see below) and other participants. We also have a Zoom video conferencing room (DSpace Meeting Room) available for "face to face" discussions, screen sharing and/or pair programming.

Sprint Coaches

Coaches should be available during both sprint weeks for help getting up to speed / answering questions / debugging issues / pair programming requests, etc.  If you are unavailable on specific days during the sprint, please note those days below.

Sprint #2 (July 9-20, 2018)

Sprint Summary

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 2 for details about Sprint #2 summary.

Sprint #1 (May 7-18, 2018)

Sprint Summary

See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 1 for details about Sprint #1 summary.


Sprint Schedule

  • Weekly Kickoff Meeting (each Monday)
    • Sprint Participants (or a representative from your organization) should attend the Sprint Week Kickoff Meeting in DSpace Meeting Room.
      • Anyone unable to attend must touch base with the Sprint Coordinator (Tim Donohue) via another means (Slack, DSpace Meeting Room, email, etc) for any necessary information.
    • The goal of the Kickoff meeting is to:
      • Touch base & finalize plans / goals for the Sprint week (i.e. ensure everyone is on the same page)
      • Ensure all participants have assigned tasks, and any necessary support/resources to begin their work
      • As necessary, go through expectations / protocols of the Sprint (e.g. Contributing code via PRs, Where to ask for help/support, Meeting schedule for week, etc)
      • Address or discuss any questions that sprint participants may have
  • Daily Standups via Slack: On each day of the sprint (Tues-Fri), prior to 15:00 UTC (11:00 am EDT), each participant should report their status update in the Slack #dev-sprint channel.  This will act as our daily "standup" meeting.
    • Template (feel free to copy and paste into Slack and fill in the details)

      Standup Template
      [DSpace 7 Sprint]
      Tasks completed: 
        * List ticket titles / links that you completed (since your last update)
        * Please include brief textual description
      Working on:
        * List ticket titles / links that you plan to work on next (or continue work on)
        * Please include brief textual description
        * Is there anything blocking your progress today? Give a brief textual description
  • Sprint Wrap-up Meeting (Last Thursday or Friday, depending on the Sprint)
    • This meeting is an opportunity for Sprint participants & coaches to talk about the final results of the Sprint, and provide feedback on how to improve future sprints
      • How did the Sprint go for everyone? Any pluses (pros), minuses (cons) or deltas (areas of improvement) you'd like to express to Sprint Coordinator?
      • Are there any sprint tasks that are still "in progress" or unfinished?  How can those be either continued or handed off to someone else?
  • Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary

Support Options

  • Sprint coaches are available for support. Keep in mind however that sprint coaches may be in a different timezone from you. Therefore we have a few guidelines to keep in mind:
    • Please ask your questions publicly on Slack. You may mention specific individuals by name to alert them to your message. 
    • Please avoid private, one-on-one messaging (unless you are actively pair-programming on a task). That way other sprint coaches/participants may also provide support and/or learn from your questions.
  • Requests for help / questions should be asked on Slack. Please use the #dev-sprint channel.
  • The DSpace Meeting Room may also be used to do pair programming / screen sharing / ad hoc meetings / support. Keep in mind we only have the one room, so be sure to share it with others if they need it.
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