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Sprint 2: July 9-20, 2018

Sprint Summary

July turned out to be a difficult time to find Sprint Participants (most individuals we've reached out to are on holiday or busy with local projects).  So, the DSpace 7 Working Group (2016-2023) decided to use this Sprint #2 as concentrated effort towards closing out existing Pull Requests, and also working to finalize/complete in-progress "feature sets" from our Development Planning spreadsheet.

Sprint Schedule

  • Sprint Meetings (Please do your best to attend all three meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting, please touch base with Tim Donohue for any updates, etc.)
  • Daily Standups are on #dev-sprint channel in Slack. Just provide your daily updates via text chat, prior to 15:00UTC each day.
  • More information on Sprint Schedule / Meetings can be found at Sprint Schedule

Sprint Goals

Sprint Tickets

Angular UI tickets

All Angular UI tickets are managed in GitHub Issues (under the DSpace/dspace-angular project). You will need developer access to claim individual GitHub tickets (contact Tim Donohue or Art Lowel (Atmire))

There are two ways to view the available tickets – either in GitHub directly, or via our dspace-angular Waffle Board.  Both views point at the same tickets, so changes in one are reflected elsewhere.

REST API tickets

All REST API tickets are managed in DuraSpace JIRA (as the REST API is being developed on the current "master" branch of the DSpace codebase). You will need developer access to claim individual JIRA tickets (contact Tim Donohue)

JIRA tickets (All "REST API v7" tickets)


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  1. I would like to help. Where can I signup?

    1. Hi Adan Roman:  Sorry for the delay in getting back! (I was on holiday until yesterday)

      While the Sprint officially started yesterday, you are welcome to join.  The Signup listing was actually over on this (parent) page: DSpace 7 Community Sprints#Participants  However, you are also welcome to just join us in Slack... Sprint meetings/discussions are taking place on the #dev-sprint channel.