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Review of Action Items

Membership Model Proposal

Our last meeting was a great starting conversation.  Let's identify concrete next steps for the following questions:

  • How do we diversify our revenue streams?
  • What are the benefits that organizations get for membership?
  • What are the benefits that we get as part of our relationship with LYRASIS?
    • Clarify this with Laurie
  • What are some strategies that we can employ to rethink our business model?
    • Check in with potential consultants

Goal: Identify a method for moving forward long-term actions for improving Fedora's business model.


Next steps. Action items.


Action Items

  •  Rosalyn Metzcheck in with Laurie Gemmill Arpto better understand what LYRASIS centralized services are available to the community and how we can better plan for future benefit and communicate to our community.
  •  Rosalyn Metz check in with Kaitlin Thaney about potential conversation.

Diversify revenue streams

  • pilot a migration service – catalyst grant is being submitted by OSU

Benefits of Membership

  • Do we need a member prospectus? 
    • A prospectus would help us identify benefits when communicating with existing members and selling to new members.
  • Fedora benefits to members – discounts on services
    • migration service (potentially if the OSU catalyst grant is funded)
    • workshops (can we talk through this with David Wilcox - maybe we could talk about that in the April meeting)
  • LYRASIS benefits to communities
    • Can we talk through this with Laurie in the March meeting
    • What do we need from an income perspective to continue to sustain the community?
    • What is the reserve / bridge for the Fedora community look like? 
    • Do we need to review the financials so we understand what we need to sustain the community.
    • Can we develop a potential list of benefits prior to meeting with Laurie.

Action Items