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Amy Lana - University of Missouri
Bram Luyten - @mire
Ciarán Walsh - Enovation Solutions, Ltd
Claire Bundy - BioMed Central
Elin Stangeland - Cambridge University Library
Iryna Kuchma -
Maureen Walsh - The Ohio State University
Sue Kunda - Oregon State University
Valorie Hollister - DuraSpace
Yan Han - University of Arizona Libraries

Guest Attendees


Discussion Topics



Discussion leader


Questions/comments/additions to news/events update



Open discussion on how DCAT is working / how it could improve



Improving metadata support project teams formation


Old JIRA issues


New JIRA issues


Other items?


Actions from previous meeting

Action Item


Post edits on metadata survey community message by Fri, Dec 16: DONE

Bram, Elin

DS-456 Start community-wide discussion (after the holidays?)


Distribute survey results (community and beyond) DONE

Val, Iryna, Michael

DS164 deposit interface for modifying input forms.xml: resurrect original request and propose next steps


DS-1021 start DCAT discussion


Select new JIRA issue




  • Val - survey distributed

News & Events

  1. DCAT meeting dates: 
    1. February 14, 2012
    2. March 13, 2012 - conflict w/the SPARC mtg, hold March 6 instead
  2. DSpace 1.8.1 released  
  3. DuraCloud: 2 months free, 1.3 released   
  4. KnowledgeBase announcement: Umbrella KB, DSpace KB
  5. Metadata survey news piece
  6. SPARC Conference March 11-13:
    1. conference themes
    2. call for innovation fair proposals
    3. working on a DSpace user group mtg
  7. DuraSpace 2011 Sponsorship Campaign Summary
  8. Call for Proposals to Host Open Repositories Conference in 2013 and 2014 
  9. Call for Proposals for EDUCAUSE 
  10. Other news?
  11. Events
    1. Upcoming - 
      1. PASIG in Austin (Jan)
      2. ALA Midwinter in Dallas (Jan)
      3. Code4lib (February)
      4. SPARC OA Meeting in Kansas (March)
      5. JCDL in Washington (June)
      6. OR12 in Edinburgh July 9-13


1. Questions/comments/additions to news and events

2. Open discussion on how DCAT is working / how it could improve

-we have played a role in bridging the gap between user community and committers - success in 1.8 - JIRA issues w/DCAT interest seems to be addressed with higher priority

-clients appreciate DCAT the effort - feel like they have more access to developer community, see an improvement

-positive development

-couple people never participate - maybe pull them in on more narrowly defined project

-intimidated by lack of knowledge or skills - don't feel I can get involved

-discussions get lost among everything else - maybe need a more focused time to work on ---> team will try to have a DCAT e-forum for 2 days on the Thurs & Fri following the conference call mtg

-any other thoughts/feedback - please send email or chat w/Val

-add deadlines for tasks on the action item - Val 

3. Improving metadata support project teams formation

-based on survey results for each of the 6 projects we have about 20-25 volunteers to work on each, responses from the news piece brought a few more volunteers

-need project team leaders - maybe 2 co-chairs for each group 

-infrastructure: mailing lists, wiki space

-collaboration/coordination w/DSpace committers and DCAT

---DCAT liason

---committer liason

-preliminary code reviews - code is somewhere that is publically available - check into a public place - GetHub or Subversion - to get feedback before it is complete and gets submitted to JIRA

-join developer list and use it for the projects - as open as possible to all dev/cmtr - project work should all be brought back to dspace dev - project coordination on sep list

-send msg to volunteers and dspace devel list

-caveats on larger projects (ehnanced mtadata on comm/coll/files)

-we are the facilitators, not the coordinators

-how the team works together is up to the team - DCAT can help to kick start / solve problems

-next version of DSpace - have a lot of runway to get in, dependent on resources - early deadline for project end to allow for enough time     

-email out to each volunteer group to solidify participation and identify co-leaders - Val

-discuss proposal on collaboration w/Commtters w/Tim Donohue - Val 

4. Old JIRA issue update - Discuss 560 & 456 and any updates to others

  • DS587 tombstone (Sarah):discussion forum,JIRA
    • status as of last mtg:
      • some disagreement on tombstone reasons, what metadata would be displayed - discussion came up too late (Jose's version vs. Richard's)
      • still trying to get XMLUI tombstone reason for withdrawn item in to 1.8
  • DS638 virus checking/check file format (Elin):discussion forum (*+DS-638++check+files+on+input+for+viruses%2C+and+verify+file+format),JIRA
    • virus checking is in 1.8, file format checking is written and tested, but did not make it into 1.8
    • status as of last mtg:
      • dependent on curation task work that MIT, not quite done, trying to follow same format for virus checking
      • can do file format checking - but NOT at submission
      • Robin to create a separate JIRA issue for file format checking at submission-->DS-1093
  • DS164 deposit interface for modifying input forms.xml (Jim): discussion forum, JIRA
    • GSoC project - do away with item-submission.xml and input-forms.xml and instead create an Admin UI that allows repo managers reorganize the submission UI
    • status as of last mtg:
      • some muddling w/an adjacent GSoC project - Jim to resurrect original request and propose next steps
    • Per Robin - suggest break this issue into smaller tasks, starting with (It may be that there are already existing issues for some #2 looks to be addressed by DS-464)
      • 1. A screen or screens to allow the administrator to edit the format of the metadata collection screens
      • 2. The ability to select the type of an item and collect appropriate metadata accordingly
  • DS-560 XMLUI News in config dir (Bram): discussion forum, JIRA
    • XMLUI interface is not as useful as JSPUI for news config, Bram proposed to have a more flexible front page
    • Do we have a DCAT consensus? If so, does it still make sense to hold a community-wide discussion for both feedback and developer resource identification?
    • going back to the priority of just making XMLUI news editable - Bram
  • DS-456 create easy upgrade scripts (Iryna): discussion forum, JIRA
    • no developer assigned yet
    • propose writing scripts for the most common database/operating sys
    • Database: PostgreSQL 264, MySQL 43, Oracle 39, Other 6
    • Operating Sys: Linux 224, Microsoft Windows 88, UNIX 28, Solaris 22, HPUX 2
    • Michael to attach scripts to JIRA issue that they have developed
    • hold community-wide discussion/solicitation of other upgrade scripts already written or interested parties -->look at Iryna's announcement

5. New JIRA issues

  • Added functionality to embargo feature (?DS-908, ?DS895, ?DS-824) - Jim
    • Univ of Michigan is embarking on a project with @mire to add functionality to the existing feature
  • DS-1021 Add integration with an online document viewer (Amy) - discussion forum, JIRA 
    • discussion open now

6. Other items?

Actions from this meeting

Action Item



List of events DuraSpace staff will be attending/presenting


1/27 (I hope)

Provide additional thoughts/feedback to Val on how DCAT has been working / what could improve


next mtg 2/14

Add deadlines to action item list



Hold DCAT discussions via email / the discussion forum on the Thurs and Fri following the conf call -
This month on 1/12-13 to include:  
1) DS-1021 start DCAT discussion (Amy)
2) Draft of msg on community wide discussion regarding DS-456 (Iryna)



Wiki link for DCAT discussion schedule, here:



Metadata priorities - email out to each volunteer group to solidify participation and possibly identify co-leaders 



Metadata priorities - discuss proposal on collaboration w/Commtters w/Tim Donohue



DS164 deposit interface for modifying input forms.xml: resurrect original request and propose next steps 


next mtg 2/14

Select new JIRA issue


next mtg 2/14

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