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The VIVO Conference is the major annual event for knowledge exchange and networking in the VIVO Community. Regarding the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic being a threat to large parts of the world, it seems reasonable to switch to a virtual conference for this year. In this task force we will organize this virtual event.

By hosting a virtual event, we hope to engage people who would not typically be able to attend a VIVO Conference.


  • Organize the technical framework for a virtual conference
  • Find a suitable format for this event
  • Establish technical and organizational support before, during and after the event.


  • a virtual VIVO conference with an attractive program

Suggested schedule

Perhaps the conference can be in mid/late June?

Develop charter


Solicit members and schedule first meeting


Develop action items, assign to team members


Schedule the conference; communicate save the date

Week of 2020-04-13

VIVO 2020 Conference

June 16-18


Meeting Times

US morning, European afternoon.  10 AM US Eastern Time, Tuesdays.

Communication Channels

Agendas and Notes