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This task force has completed its work. If you have comments, questions, content regarding this task force, please contact a task force member. Thanks!

Final Report

Final report of the task force is available here:  Final Report  Working documents of the task force on Google Drive


Over the years the VIVO Project has accumulated mailing lists, wikis, repositories, web sites, and other digital assets.  Newcomers and project veterans are often bewildered by the collection.  Parts of the collection appear to be maintained and useful while other parts appear to have been abandoned.  A review is needed to inventory the assets and make recommendations about future role (if any) for each asset.

Implementation of recommendations is beyond the scope of this task force. Future task force(s) will implement the recommendations made by this task force.


  1. Define the attributes to be collected for each asset
  2. Create an inventory of VIVO assets
  3. For each asset recommend the future role of the asset


  • Inventory of VIVO assets
  • For each asset, a recommendation regarding future role of the asset.

DRAFT Schedule


Task TimelineStatus

Develop charter

2 weeks

2015-03-27 - 2015-04-10


Solicit members and schedule first meeting

1 week

2015-03-27 - 2015-04-03


Determine asset attributes

2 weeks

2015-04-06 - 2015-04-16


Solicit VIVO community regarding assets

2 weeks

2015-04-20 - 2015-05-08


Review assets, preliminary recommendations

2 weeks

2015-05-11 - 2015-05-22

In progress
Final recommendations2 weeks2015-05-25 - 2015-06-05 



Mike Conlon VIVO Project Director – facilitator (Skype mike.conlon17)

Jon Corson-Rikert Cornell University – member (Skype jcorson55)

Jim Blake Cornell University – member (Skype jim.blake.cornell)

Paul Albert Weill Cornell Medical College – member (Skype paulalbert0)

Lauren Gala U Penn – member (Skype laureng369)

Alex Viggio Symplectic – member (Skype aviggio)

Meeting Times

As needed.  First meeting April 8.  Follow-up April 15.  Third meeting scheduled for April 29. Contact Mike Conlon as needed.

Communication Channels

  • Distribute proposed charter and solicit participation from community via appropriate mailing list

  • Announce task force creation and progress on relevant Working Group calls.

  • Create a page in the VIVO wiki (, with child pages for agenda, notes, and additional information

  • Solicit information from the community regading VIVO assets via appropriate mailing lists

Agendas and Notes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members 3 days before meeting

  • Prepare agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before meeting