Time: 9:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

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  • SPARQL Query component improvements:
    • Substitution of values in LIMIT, ORDER BY
      • Provide query body as input parameter
  • Create HTTP Query component to query external services/send data
  • External caching for SPARQL ResultSets, Procedure results
  • Previous agenda
    •  Announcements
      • Meeting time slot
    • REST API created by Matthias Luhr
    • Dynamic API Requirements for UI & Structuring information about current Vitro|VIVO pages/services

    • Volunteers needed:
      • Implement generic components:
        • Update Dynamic api ontology, verify it.
      • Investigate :
        • What is required for endpoints to return list views (avoid rendering list views with the page, but request them separately)
      • Implement/reimplement features:
        • Co-authors network
        • Map of science
        • replace direct web remoting (part of legacy data editor)
        • Create and link publications with author’s profile
        • Admin tools interface components: 
          • New ontology editor
          • Create/read/update/delete define list views
          • Create/read/update/delete document modifiers
          • Test SPARQL Queries
          • Reactive interface to create and test XML Transformations, XML validations combined with SPARQL Construct queries
    • Define reactive interface requirements
    • Merge dynamic API into main repository?
    • Task to extend display ontology

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