In 2021 Dynamic API proposal was created as one of solutions to a better Vitro|VIVO architecture.

In February and May of 2022 Sprints took place, which became the basis for new API.



  • Powerful flexible API that makes it easy to extend back-end functionality by creation of new data configurations.
  • Web interface that simplifies manipulations with data configurations by using visual programming.
  • Migration of VIVO|Vitro services on new API
  • Dynamic forms
  • Dynamic API cache

Suggested schedule

Develop charter, assemble task force

4 weeks

week of TBD

Begin regular meetings

week of TBD

Task force development work

50 weeks

complete by TBD

Revise deliverables, final review

4 weeks

complete by TBD


Always looking for additional members and developers!

Meeting Times

Fridays 15:00 (CET)

Communication Channels

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