Time: 9:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

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  • Announcements
    • Meeting time slot
    • New task force group members
  • Current state of Dynamic API
  • Dynamic API continuous development efforts
    • Dynamic forms
    • New dynamic api endpoints
    • Replacing backend endpoints with dynamic api
      • Create and link controller
      • Web of science
      • Direct web remoting (edit this individual page)
    • HTTP Query component to access external services
    • Cache SPARQL ResultSets/RowSets
    • Parameter mappers
    • SPARQL Generate library
      • Substitutions for SPARQL queries
      • N3 generation from json data
  • A brief update on Role management in Vitro and VIVO

Meeting notes

  1. DSpace notation for representing generic forms

    1. DTD -

    2. XML example -
    3. there is also item submission which is describing steps -,
  2. SPARQL Generate library link:
    1. Main module called Yasgui: has SPARQL editor called Yasqe and result visualizer called Yasr.
      1. Brian note (ex post facto): YASQE is used in VIVO's SPARQL Query admin page
    2. Based on codemirror: - library to style the editor, deciding from the data input you have.
  3. Role management
    1. There has been talk over the years of being able to grant permissions to edit entities based on relationship to editor, e.g.
      1. Head of organization can edit details and working titles within organization (but perhaps not positions and official titles that can only be edited by HR)
      2. PI/Co-PI of grant can edit grant details (but perhaps not certain properties like internal ID or award amount that can only be edited by someone from the research administration)
    2. Would be nice to specify these paths and behavior using ontology instead of code.
    3. Performance of complex rules is always a challenge because they to lead to multiple small queries to triple store to check permissions.  Will need to be appropriately batched/cached to work well with external triple stores.

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