Welcome New LG members!  Please help me welcome Christian Hauschke, Violeta Ilik, and Alex Viggio as new community members of the Leadership Group.  Each has been actively shaping the VIVO project.  They are all wonderful to work with. 

Leadership Group elections are now complete for the year.  The Leadership Group meets monthly to review progress and set direction for the project.  The Leadership Group will soon name a Steering Group to help it with its work.

I18n meeting  Interested in helping VIVO improve its multi-lingual capabilities?  The Internationalization Task Force is back in business after a hiatus.  The group will be setting goals wand working toward making VIVO a truly international application.  The first meeting of the task force will be held this week.

VIVO 1.10  VIVO 1.10 was released this week.  Special thanks to Ralph O'Flinn of the University of Alabama, Birmingham, who served as the release manager!  Here are the links:

VIVO 1.10 was led by the VIVO Committers and Developers with major support from Andrew Woods .

The following individuals provided code, documentation and/or testing for the release:  

Qazi Azim Ijaz Ahmad, Sabih Ali, Martin Barber, Jim Blake, Mike Conlon, Don Elsborg, Kitio Fofack, Ken Geis, Benjamin Gross, Huda Khan, Ted Lawless, Jacob Levernier, Brian Lowe, Jose Luis Martin, Christian Hauschke, Violeta Ilik, Steve McKay, Javed Muhammed, Simon Porter, Ralph O'Flinn, Graham Triggs, Tatiana Walther, Marijane White, Stefan Wolff, Andrew Woods, and Rebecca Younes

Thank you all!

New York, New York!  VIVO Camp is coming to the Big Apple, October 18-20, 2018 at Columbia University!  Join instructors Violeta IlikHuda KhanBenjamin Grossand Mike Conlon for 2.5 days of VIVO, including implementation, data sources, ontology, Karma, and new features in 1.10! Stay tuned for news about registration!

The Delicate Dance of Decentralization  Professor Ruben Verborgh, a 2016 VIVO Conference invited speaker, presents paradigm shifts related to the decentralization of data via linked open data.

Verbogh, R "The delicate dance of decentralization and aggregation," http://slides.verborgh.org/ELAG-2018/ Presented at the International Conference of the European Library Automation Group, 5 June 2018.

VIVO 1.10 introduces three new features for making data available for decentralized, distributed access, and for aggregation:

VIVO shares its data naturally.  These new capabilities open new possibilities for building distributed applications using VIVO.  Let us know when you've upgraded to 1.10.  We'd like to build distributed applications.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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