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This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.10.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.


Direct2Experts is a cross-site search capability for identifying expertise as expressed by research networking systems such as VIVO, PURE, and Harvard Profiles.  Every VIVO site version 1.10 and later has Direct2Experts capability built-in.

To see Direct2Experts in action, visit http://direct2experts.org

The Direct2Experts Endpoints

VIVO uses two endpoints to provide Direct2Experts services:

  1. The bootstrap endpoint.  For VIVO,  this is /FS.xml.  A small XML file is returned describing your VIVO endpoint.  Your application name, set in application-settings.xml is returned by FS.xml
  2. The aggregated query endpoint.  For VIVO, this is /ctsasearch.  

Participating in Direct2Experts

Once your VIVO is in production, email your bootstrap endpoint URL to Griffin Weber (weber at hms dot harvard dot edu). In the email please include the main URL of your VIVO website, indicate you use VIVO, so you will be added to the Participants page.


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  2. Direct2Experts reference implementation on GFitHub. https://github.com/eichmann/direct2experts-reference-implementation
  3. Code here:  https://github.com/OIT-ADS-Web/vivo/pull/62/files
  4. Direct2Experts Technical Documentation:  http://direct2experts.org/join 

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