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Vitro and VIVO are seeing increased use in territories around the world. Whether it is in Germany, Spain, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Denmark, or France,  many institutions need to have support for languages other than English.

The core infrastructure of Vitro is well designed to address these needs - the triple store allows strings to be marked with language tags, and the user interface mostly consists of Freemarker templates, that have externalized messages which can be translated into other languages.

However, while the technology is there, the current implementation does not fully address the needs of the international community. A handful of pages remain in JSP, without any internationalization support currently provided. Handling for labels and plurals is often lacking. How fields that may have multiple representations (translations) should be handled is unclear.


  1. Deliver an internationalized VIVO able to support as many languages as possible in the interface and the content
  2. Coordinate members efforts on translations


The requirements document found here ( describes in detail all the features the task force wants to implement in order to achieve it's goals.

VIVO i18n Implementation challenges - Brainstorming document:



Meeting Times

Next ZOOM meeting is shedule for June 4th 2019 at 10 am ET at the following adress:


Communication Channels

  • Updates from the task force will be available in VIVO Updates
  • Child pages to this page will contain meeting notes
  • #i18n channel on vivo-project's slack ( is the place for unformal discussions related to i18n
  • Zoom will be the tool used for the task force meetings. Here are the details regarding how to join:

Agendas and Notes

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