Task force updates.  The task forces have been making extraordinary progress.  Click on any of the task force names below to see more about the great work each of these groups is doing.

  • VIVO Contributed Software Task Force has completed its work and submitted a report with recommendations for contributed software, particular applications that use VIVO data, but are not part of the core VIVO application.  A huge thanks to Ted Lawless and Chris Barnes for co-chairing this task force and to task force members Paul Friedman, Keith Maull and Jim Blake!  These recommendations will help the community contribute software that can be used with VIVO.  In particular, the group is recommending "VIVO Labs" for development of contributed software.  
  • Asset Inventory and Recommendations Task Force has completed its work with recommendations for all the various VIVO "things" (assets) including web sites, wikis, repositories, email lists and much more.  The task force identified 82 assets and made recommendations for streamlining, simplifying and improving the assets.  Thanks to Jon Corson-Rikert, Jim Blake, Paul Albert, Alex Viggio and Lauren Gala for serving with me on this task force.  Additional work will be needed to implement several of the recommendations.  There will be task forces organized to help with some of these implementations.
  • VIVO Implementation Documentation Task Force has been developing new documentation for those seeking to implement VIVO.  As many of us know, implementing VIVO can be a challenge, engaging data providers, policy makers, technical staff, faculty and many others.  After studying the existing wiki material, the task force created a new outline and new content.  I think you will greatly appreciate the work they are doing.  They are nearing completion.
  • Telling VIVO Stories: Community Engagement Task Force has been creating vignettes of VIVO installations and sharing those stories via social media.  The most recent story featured CU-Boulder.  If you have a VIVO story to tell, please contact Julia Trimmer, task force chair.
  • A New vivoweb.org Task Force has been working to create a new/updated vivoweb.org web site with a new design and new content.  The new web site will be "mobile-first" with responsive design.  The new site should be launched shortly after the conference.  
  • VIVO in a Networked Research EcoSystem (NetRES).  The task force has been meeting regularly.  See minutes from discussions.
  • 2016 VIVO Roadmap Task Force will be meeting to develop ideas based on the strategic plan, technical requirements and the recent features survey.  Thanks to all who participated in the survey!

The remarkable efforts of the community are moving VIVO forward in many ways.  Thanks to all who participated and continue to participate in this fantastic work.

Interested in forming a task force?  See How to Form a Task Force.  The conference is likely to generate many ideas.  We hope to turn your great ideas into the next efforts to improve VIVO.

More VIVO Conference News.

  • VIVO 2016.  There will be a kick-off planning session for the 2016 conference Friday August 14 during lunch at the 2015 conference.  If you are interested in helping with next year's conference in any way, please consider attending.  The meeting is open to all.
  • VIVO Around the World.  Attending the conference?  Plan to attend the plenary session VIVO Around the World on Friday.  Submit one slide regarding your VIVO.  Details available here.
  • Conference registration is open.  Register here and plan to attend: VIVO Conference Registration.

Become a VIVO Member.  VIVO member institutions support the VIVO project with annual contributions starting as low as $2,500 per year (discounts available for institutions in developing countries.)  Membership is critically important for the project, supporting all efforts to improve the software, develop community, spur adoption, and organize events.  For a list of member benefits, see About Membership on the Duraspace web site.

Two additional Steering Group Members.  Two additional members of the Steering Group are being elected this week.  If you are the community liaison for a member institution you have received a ballot.  Please use this ballot to vote for two candidates by the end of the week.  Next week we will announce the two new members.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director