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This task force is no longer active due to lack of resource. For more information, please contact Jing Wang


There have been several discussions in VIVO Hackathons and Implementation-Fests regarding to the possible solutions of a networked VIVO to break the VIVO silos and reduce data redundancy.  One example of data redundancy is that each VIVO site has some stubby URIs for the coauthors at another institution.


This task force will take several parallel processes to identify the challenges and investigate the possible technical solutions to a networked research ecosystem, focusing on the issues related to the person URIs:

  • document VIVO’s existing integration capability as a baseline

  • document high level user scenarios and integration requirement for linking person profiles in networked research ecosystem

  • explore and evaluate various technical challenges and solutions of finding personal profile URIs of person at other institutions and representing data of external URIs

  • make recommendations on technical solutions towards a networked research ecosystem


  • user scenarios and use cases for linking persons in VIVO in networked research ecosystem

  • brief technical solutions evaluation report that outlines the various alternatives and recommendations

  • panel discussion at VIVO 2015 conference

Suggested schedule



Develop charter


Solicit members and schedule first meeting


Document multi-site research network user scenarios


Develop system of systems integration requirements2015-07-31

Explore challenges and evaluate possible technical solutions


Revise deliverables for conference


Revise deliverables2015-09-30



Dave Eichmann, Member

Don Elsborg, lead

Benjamin Gross, Member

Melissa Haendel, Member

Violeta Ilik, Member

Huda Khan, Member

Eric Meeks, Member

Nate Prewitt, Member

Jing Wang, lead

Others to be solicited from community

Communication Channels

  • Announce task force creation and progress on relevant Working Group calls.

  • use google doc as collaboration tool and working document

  • document use stories and use cases in duraspace wiki?  or JIRA?

Agendas and Notes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members 3 days before meeting

  • Prepare agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before meeting

Meeting Times

The task force will meet as needed.  Meeting is open to VIVO community. Link to meeting minutes will be published on this Task Force page so that they are publicly available