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  • Attending institution updates
    • main institutions
      • UF
        • Harvester 1.2
      • Current features in development
    • mini-grants
  • Implementation fest
  • Sourceforge Alternatives


  • File Harvester
  • selenium ?

Issue References

Concerns / Requests

  • Data mapping
    • not showing in vivo

Meeting Minutes

Cornell: working on the release

  • code freeze day pushed back to july 13th
  • User testing opportunity will open up.
    • Link on top of confluence
    • Once the RC is out.

Indiana: upgrading the vivo instance to 1.2.1

  • Visualization team Micah is gone

google refine: switching from lucene to Solr indexing.

  • With lucene was able to do multiple queries.
  • Plugin will be uploaded to the Source forge site.
  • There is an issue with permissions in non admin categories.
    • Stephen Williams will know about a fix to the issue for next meeting.

U Florida:

  • Harvester 1.2 RC3 is available and ready for bug checking.
  • Documents and webcasts geared towards the future.
  • New look to the scripts

Duke: Widgets switching to using the rich exports which makes it vivo 1.3 dependent.

Implementation fest:

  • interest in the harvester
  • desire for a batch upload for images.
    • UF beginning work on a process for batch images.
    • Some thought has gone into this at Cornell. Please see NIHVIVO-2190

Source forge alternatives:

  • Not a suggestion for abandonment of sourceforge.
  • The vivo community has a presence in github.
  • A push for a mirror of the svn
  • Institutional repositories with local changes.
  • Backup and recovery is more direct.
  • Consideration of the strengths of the VCS
  • Took 3 weeks to move to Sourceforge
    • Assumed to be able to be done in a shorter time
  • Is the process of merging changes back into the SVN simple (in the case of a mirror)
  • GitSVN for those interested in using with with the current svn.
  • Should it be a concern with the end of the grant and releases comming out.

Will be discussed further later


  • Use of selenium to automate
    • Vivo setup
      • Predictability
      • consistant look and feel
      • Set up the ontology
    • Running tests
  • File Harvester
    • Vivo integrated use of the harvester
    • Extensibility built in.

Datamapping: May be brought up next week.

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