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  • Attending institution updates


  • New feature / visualization examples?

Issue References

  • Any outstanding issues?

Concerns / Requests

  • D2Rmap usage and license
  • Community integrity
  • Data mapping not showing in vivo.
  • Sourceforge alternatives revisited
  • Jena difficulties

Meeting Minutes

  1. Updates
    1. UF
      1. Moving forward on the release of Harvester 1.2
      2. File harvest
    2. Cornell
      1. Largely on track for the code freeze, Wednesday next week.
    3. Duke
      1. Waiting on vivo 1.3 for production.
      2. developing locally on a checkout from trunk.
  2. Concerns requests
    1. D2RMAP and other package license adherence
      1. Review the third party licenses
        1. Categorize
        2. Comply with requirements
    2. Datamapping
      1. Data-type formerly significant to single sign on.
    3. Sourceforge alternatives
      1. With eclipse indigo Git is better supported with egit
      2. U CO will be using a local group git repo.
    4. Jena issues
      1. Performance remains a concern
      2. Another group used Jena switched to Virtuoso and is till not completely happy but wouldn't switch back to Jena.
      3. there was a suggestion of 4store and the developers there have move on to developing 5store

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