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VIVO Freeze day: Thursday, June 30, 2011

VIVO 1.3 Expected release date: July 15th, 2011

  • U. Rochester - intellectual property

Issue References

Concerns / Requests

  • After the Code freeze date what do mini-grant projects do about committing code.
    • Will there be a release after July 15th and before the end of august?
  • Changing default name-space.

Meeting Minutes



  • Search (Not directly in vivo 1.3 )
    • improves relevance ranking
      • is being merged in.
    • indexing time down
    • uses semenatic features
  • Menu page editing
    • Outside logins will have accounts created.
    • Dealing without user accounts.
    • for 1.4 will have authentication "payoffs".
  • named graphs have been removed due to performance issues.


  • gearing up for a Harvester 1.2 release
    • tiered scoring
      • The ability to score on progressively smaller datasets
      • Performance benefits expected.
    • More descriptive and organized scripts.


  • Richard Outten found an issue with images
    • addressing this issue is helpful to the group as a whole.
  • Digital Vita
    • In one request get everything about a profile.
      • translating RDF ontology into XML
    • added "include=all" to get all related information
      • done with a series of sparql queries.
      • named under WEB-INF/rich-export
    • Looking into XSPARQL

Presentation on XSPARQL

  • Based on XQUERY and SPARQL
    • nesting is possible.
    • Handles repeated values.
    • Optimization of queries has yet to be attempted.
    • works with a schema.
  • May be added to conference as a way of getting info from vivo.

Corporate authors:

  • done through an authorship.
  • use foaf:group which is a subclass of foaf:Agent

U. Rochester

  • extending ontology to include intellectual property.
  • Grant not yet awarded.
    • PI is Scott Steel
    • Positive feedback about grant pointing toward acceptance.
    • Next week will have a meeting concerning first steps.

A Wiki page should be created centering on the ways to get information out of a VIVO.
Re-using VIVO data in other websites

Concerns / Requests:

  • significance of "code freeze"
    • Maintenance branch is created
    • Continue to commit to trunk as usual
  • other releases
    • Drupal search released at the end of July.
    • The conference should have checkouts from trunk as needed.
  • Changing the default name-space is not suggested
    • It can cause unpredictable errors.

Implementation fest nest week.