• All - Gather links to existing change management approaches and documentation.  Post links in Slack or add links to this page under Notes.


  • Introductions -- Plan to say your name, organization, and two words that express what you hope to get out of the working group.
  • Use Cases -- Brain storm downstream (consumer of authoritative data) use cases requiring change management updates.
  • Types of changes – Define types of changes that occur in authoritative data that downstream consumers need to know about.

Meeting Materials


Recording: Change Management Use Cases and Types of Change (2021-05-10)


Notes were taken directly in the Use Cases and Types of Changes documents.


  • Christine Eslao
  • Nancy Fallgren
  • Steven Folsom
  • Kevin Ford
  • Jesse Lambertson
  • Anna Lionetti
  • Alessandra Moi
  • Erik Radio
  • Lynn Ransom
  • Lynette Rayle
  • Greg Reeve
  • Vitus Tang
  • Amanda Sprochi


  • Emma Thomson
  • Dave Eichmann
  • John Graybeal
  • Jim Hahn
  • Tiziana Possemato
  • Kirk Hess

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