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  • All - Gather links to existing change management approaches and documentation.  Post links in Slack or add links to this page under Notes.


  • Introductions -- Plan to say your name, organization, and two words that express what you hope to get out of the working group.
  • Use Cases -- Brain storm downstream (consumer of authoritative data) use cases requiring change management updates.
  • Types of changes – Define types of changes that occur in authoritative data that downstream consumers need to know about.

Meeting Materials


Notes were taken directly in the Use Cases and Types of Changes documents.

Recording: Change Management Use Cases and Types of Change (2021-05-10)


  • Christine Eslao
  • Nancy Fallgren
  • Steven Folsom
  • Kevin Ford
  • Jesse Lambertson
  • Anna Lionetti
  • Alessandra Moi
  • Erik Radio
  • Lynn Ransom
  • Lynette Rayle
  • Greg Reeve
  • Vitus Tang
  • Amanda Sprochi


  • Emma Thomson
  • Dave Eichmann
  • John Graybeal
  • Jim Hahn
  • Tiziana Possemato
  • Kirk Hess

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