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Change Management Terminology


Other Related Terminology

Caching1 Storing local copies of entire dataset.
2 Caching of a single label or small pieces of data about a single term.

1 The ability of an API  to return relevant data
2 The ability of a user to select a term from multiple similar terms given a set of search results

Search (general)Given a string query, search a dataset for occurrences of the string.  The search is generally over an index of the dataset for performance.
Keyword SearchSearch for a string query typically across multiple fields where the query can be anywhere in the field.
Left-anchor SearchSearch where the query is an exact match of a label starting with with the first character of the label.  
Browse (general)Approaching a dataset from a specific perspective and navigating to a desired (known or yet known) entity. A “perspective” may or may not be appropriate or supported by a given data set.
Hierarchical BrowseStarting at a term in a hierarchy and moving to broader or narrower terms.
A-Z Browse

Navigating through all terms in alphabetical order.  This may involve canned queries for groupings (e.g. A-D, E-H, etc.)

Incremental Searchaka real-time suggestions or a typeahead, as the user types text the query is run in real time and matches are found and immediately displayed. See also Left-anchor Search
Authoritative MetadataAuthority record contains administrative metadata from an authorized access point.  This may include information, eg. the source of the metadata, guidelines, status, etc.
Real World ObjectThis is metadata about the thing and is not administrative metadata.  This represents Michelle Obama the person, e.g. name, birth date, etc,

Linked Data Terminology

ReconciliationThings-to-Things - The process of identifying that two things represented by different URIs are actually the same thing.
Entity ResolutionStrings-to-Things - The process of identifying that a String Label is the label for a thing identified by a URI.
DisambiguationWhen presented with multiple very closely labeled options, this is the process of determining which option is the correct entity.
URI Dereferencing
(aka Term Fetch)
Accessing a URI through CURL or a web browser shows data related to the entity the URI represents.  The data can vary for different formats (e.g. JSON-LD, n-triples, HTML, etc.), for example the data displayed on a webpage using HTML may be different than the data retrieved through CURL when requesting an RDF format.  And the amount of data returned can vary between authorities with some only returning data where the URI is the subject and others returning data in the wider graph.
ResourceSomething that is identified by a URI.
EntityAn entity is a resource.  Need more research to determine if there is a difference between resources and entities.

W3C paper -Cool URIs - describes Real World Object

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