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A module for Drupal 7 to track views and downloads of Islandora items. Features include:

  • Toggle to ignore common bots
  • View count uses session variables and defaults to a 5 minute cooldown for repeated requests
  • Access log for all views and downloads
  • IP Exclusion list to prevent artificially inflating counts while testing/developing/administrating
  • Several customizable blocks to display metrics
  • Report generating interface
  • Object log views integration

Does not respect XACML or namespace restrictions.

This is a server-side tracking solution, as such a caching layer could impact it. If this is impacting you, a solution using JavaScript may work better.



Release Notes and Downloads


Configuration options are available at


What Information is Being Collected

Islandora Usage Stats collects each view of the object, where a person browses to the web interface for the object, and each download of each datastream associated with that object. Islandora might not provide a download button for all objects. For example, if you don't have a "Download" button for Videos on your Islandora site, then download counts will not be collected for a Video object.

When a download or a view is recorded, this information is added to information about the object. All that Islandora does is to add 1 to a view count or download count. There isn't any IP information nor any information about the date and time. Therefor, it is not possible to pull a report by fiscal year or to scope statistics by date.

The kind of displays that are possible are similar to what might show up on SSRN:  just a plain old view and download count, but not any more fine grained information.

Enabling Display

To display Collection Usage Stats, configure the Usage Stats for Collections block at and select your region and theme.

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