Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Proposals that have either been resolved or identified as part of another project/proposal.

Advanced Embargo Support

The University of Michigan and @mire are initiating work to create a more robust and configurable embargo feature than the one that currently exists in DSpace.  We would like to invite others to tweak the feature set if there's additional features of interest.


Create a standard way such tools and services could be integrated and used. The idea is to define an abstraction called a 'curation task' which operates at the Item level of the DSpace data model (but whose effects may very well be on individual bitstreams, or in the creation of new ones), and have some generic machinery for managing these tasks (running them, reporting on outcomes, etc).

Development Policies Proposal

Stuart Lewis's thoughts after his experience as 1.6.0 Release Coordinator. Some of Stuart's key points are quoted below, but read his full blog entry for more background on these ideas. (Reviewed on 10 March 2010 during DSpace Dev Mtg)

Distributed Community and Collection Management

DSpace 1.6.0 now allows for Delegated Community and Collection Management

DSpace 1.8 Configurable Reviewer Workflow

DSpace 4.0 indexing commands

Embargo on Bitstream

Enhancing the metadata available for Communities, Collections and Files

allow metadata not just at the Item level

Frequently Asked For

Features which don't exist (yet)

Google Analytics Statistics in DSpace

Item Versioning Support

JIRA Workflow Improvements

Linked Open Data for DSpace

EPrints supports VOID and LoD, So should we.  

Maven Release Artifact Use & POM Optimizations

Metadata For All

This is based on Claudia's comments in the commiter list and the topic discussed elsewhere. Goals should be to expand on this and relate it to other projects/efforts. For instance, the async release proposal will now include establishing a true "API" for DSpace legacy objects and placing this in the "modules" directory where other projects can depend on it.

Migrate Search and Browse to DSpace Discovery

This is a proposal to replace DSpace Search and Browse implementations completely with Solr

Migration to GitHub


Proposal for closer collaboration between Committers and DCAT when it comes to reviewing & locating resources to implement new feature requests.


The DSpace OAI offers only very basic sets out-of-the-box.

ORCID Integration

Proposal to Update DC Registry and Add DCTERMS Registry


Proposal to create a Release Advisory Team to help support the Release Manager during DSpace releases, and also provide opportunities for more immediate feedback from repository managers or other non-techie community members. (Reviewed on 10 March 2010 during DSpace Dev Mtg - see page for comments)

Replace DSpace ConfigurationManager and PluginManager

Work on using the DSpace ServiceManagers ConfigurationService, Activators and Spring Configuration of Services to replace Configuration and Plugin Manager will finally and effectively encapsulate this functionality and remove a few sore spots in DSpace design where these "God Objects" interfere with our ability to make all parts of DSpace more easily replaceable and reconfigurable.

Stateless Embargo Authorization Support

readdress how the current embargo is implemented in DSpace, this Issue comes up because we have started working on an Embargo solution that actually uses the start/end dates of resource policies to enforce the embargo rather than a cron tab script.

Statistics Addon

DSpace 1.6.0 now includes an improved Statistics engine based on Apache Solr

Thoughts on Version Numbering


Proposal to move to regular, recurring releases on a schedule. (Reviewed on 10 March 2010 during DSpace Dev Mtg – see page for comments)

Updating the Qualified Dublin Core registry in DSpace to the latest standards of the DCMI

Qualified Dublin Core registry in DSpace has not been updated for 8 years. Standardization would help compatibility with other systems and benefit from information gathered by the DCMI community

Upgrade Process Improvements

Improve upgrade Process with tools that complete and test upgrades.


Versioning is planned as a future contribution to DSpace by NESCent and @mire

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