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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Features which don't exist (yet)

This page details features that are frequently asked for out of DSpace, but are not yet implemented (at least in a stable, out-of-the-box fashion). Anyone should feel free to to add features requests, content or references to this page. Developers should feel free to tackle any of these features and link to other pages to describe your plans/work in more detail.

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Please migrate the following to separate pages so they can be consolidated under completed projects when completed.

Embargo - FIXED IN 1.6.0

[last updated: 15 Apr 2008]

DSpace 1.6.0 now comes with an Embargo Facility. For more details see the DSpace 1.6.0 Documentation.

There are also numerous unsupported addons and plugins for previous versions of DSpace. Among them, including:

Streaming Media

[last updated: 8 July 2008]

There have been many requests for hints/tips on integrating streaming audio/video into DSpace (on listservs). But, as of yet, there have been no references written up.

Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs)

[last updated: 15 Apr 2008]

There are a few projects which have attempted (or are attempting) a theses & dissertation workflow within DSpace:

  • TapirAddOn - JSP-based E-Theses addon for DSpace built by Richard Jones. Seems to now be out-of-date, since it hasn't been updated since 2005.
  • Vireo - Although in its infancy, Texas Digital Library received an IMLS grant to build Vireo, a Common Submission System for ETDs which is based off of the Manakin XMLUI.

Support for hierarchical LDAP servers - FIXED IN 1.5.2

[last updated: 8 July 2009]

The LDAP support currently in DSpace only supports a flat authentication structure. Many institutions use a hierarchical strcture which is slightly more complex.

  • There is a patch on the queue that addresses this, but also tries to do a few other things so this needs teasing out
  • Robin from Edinburgh has also written a patch for this.
  • Stuart Lewis will volunteer to look into this.
    Some LDAP-enabled applications also allow the setting of multiple LDAP servers with different settings. Is this a requirement for DSpace?

Better Windows O/S support - FIXED IN 1.6.0

[last updated: 16 Apr 2010]

DSpace 1.6.0 now comes with a new 'dspace' command shell. All commands can be run identically on Unix or Windows systems using this new [dspace]/bin/dspace commandline tool.

DSpace runs fine on Windows, but is still a little bit Unix oriented. Most of the scripts that come bundled are unix shell scripts.

  • Could this be addressed by creating a DSpace command shell? An xml file can be used to define commands and which Java classes they call (and what arguments are required) and then we just need two scripts - dspace.bat and Commands could then be in the form of " filter-media" or "dspace.bat import args"?

Branding (name of service)

[last updated: 15 Apr 2008]

Most installations of DSpace brand their service, so 'MyDSpace' becomes 'MyXYZ'. At present to do this you have to do a lot of search and replacing in It would be good if a service name could be set in dspace.cfg.

One approach introduces parameter substitution into message texts from dspace.cfg.