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Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

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Leadership Group Members

  • Tal Ayalon, World Bank Group 
  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker, The Library Code* 
  • Corey Davis, University of Victoria Libraries
  • Lieven Droogmans, Atmire*
  • Tiago Ferreira, Neki IT**
  • Rose Fredrick, Creighton University 
  • Victor Gomez, CONCYTEC***
  • Scott Hanrath, University of Kansas* (star)
  • Barbara Hirschmann, ETH Zurich 
  • Jyrki Ilva, National Library of Finland
  • Lautaro Julián Matas, LA Referencia**
  • Tim McGeary, Duke University Libraries
  • Agustina Martínez-García, University of Cambridge* (Vice Chair)
  • Erik Moore, University of Minnesota*
  • Susanna Mornati, 4Science*
  • Jere Odell, IUPUI*
  • Susan Parham, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kristi Park, Texas Digital Library*
  • Beate Rajski, DSpace-Konsortium Deutschland
  • Bronwen Sprout, The University of British Columbia
  • Ianthe Sutherland, The University of Edinburgh 
  • Maureen Walsh, The Ohio State University Libraries* (Chair) 
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University Library

LYRASIS attendees

  • Laurie Arp
  • Michele Mennielli
  • Tim Donohue

The (star) represents who will be taking notes for a given meeting. It rotates after each meeting to the next person in the attendee list.

*Members of DSpace Steering Group

**Community At Large Representative

***Ex-officio member nominated by the Leadership Group as representative of the community at large. Ex-officio members do not have voting rights

Meeting time:  11AM-1PM EDT; 3PM-5PM UTC

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Meeting ID: 502 527 3040

Passcode: dspace

One tap mobile

+13126266799,,5025273040#,,,,,,0#,,995571# US (Chicago)

+13017158592,,5025273040#,,,,,,0#,,995571# US (Washington D.C)

Meeting ID: 502 527 3040

Passcode: 995571

Find your local number:







15 min

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcome
  • Welcome to new member representative, Simeon Warner, Cornell University Library
  • Thank you to meeting note-taker
210 minOrganizational Home
  • Organizational Home during CEO transition
    • Update
Erin Tripp
35-10 minFinancials
  • Quarterly & end of FY21-22 Financials
45 minDSpace Program Coordinator
  • DSpace Program Coordinator Position, Part-time
    • Natalie Baur will be joining DSpace as the Program Coordinator on Sept. 6th
510 minDSpace DevelopmentTim
65 minFundraisingMichele
75-10 minRegistered Service Providers
  • RSP Program updates
85 min

DSpace Community Advisory Team Update


95 minDSpace events
  • November workshop
  • February community event in planning stage
Tim, Erik, Pascal, Susanna
1045 minBreakout room discussion: DSpace commitment to equity and inclusion and open data

Breakout Rooms:

Discuss and gather feedback from Leaders on 1) The DSpace project and equity and inclusion and 2) Open data and the DSpace project as a means to seed discussion and work by Steering and Leadership around DSpace project transparency and front-facing communications.

Leaders will break into 4 randomly assigned groups.

We will take 25 minutes for breakout discussions and then return for 20 minutes to report out and discuss with the whole group.

Guide for breakout discussions:

  • Record group members in the notes document.
  • Identify reporter to report highlights of the discussion out to the larger group.
  • Each group will discuss the following topics/questions and report back to the full group:
    • What is the DSpace commitment to equity and inclusion? How is it manifested? How is it communicated? How could it be communicated? Where does the project fall short? Where are there opportunities for learning, growth, and improvement?
    • How do we think about open data and the DSpace project? At the project level, what is our commitment to open data? How can we communicate at the project level our commitment to open data?

Breakout #1 notes

Breakout #2 notes

Breakout #3 notes

Breakout #4 notes

Maureen, all
115 minAny other business, as time allows


Organizational Home Update, Erin Tripp

  • CEO Search Process
    • Isaacson Miller working as search firm, completing interviews and surveys to inform position description and CEO search committee
    • Process started in April with nominations and screening calls
    • Semi-finalist interviews took place in August
    • 4 finalists will be interviewing next week in Atlanta with a range of Lyarsis and community program stakeholders; candidate information will be available soon
      • seeking to confirm that DSpace community is included in the interview process, ideally via Maureen as Leadership Chair
    • Hope to be able to make offer in September with new CEO joining before the end of the year
    • Looking for candidates who know the field and with high emotional intelligence
  • Fiscal Update
    • Fiscal Year 2022 completed June 30, 2022
    • Audit shows fiscal performance was favorable (expenses compared to budget), including investments in DEI and accessibility and salary adjustments
    • Lyrasis seeking to increase financial transparency through the organization; more information can be provided to DSpace on request
  • Sentiment Analysis with Collaborators
    • Talk to closest collaborations via interviewers with third party
    • Interviews between Dec 2021 and Feb 2022
    • Satisfaction higher for academic libraries, lower for publics and service providers
    • Pulse check about how Lyrasis is doing and where to devote energy
    • High points: staff, open access, open source, community
    • Areas for improvements: clarify vision and strategy, fully integrate and describe offerings, internal silos and awareness of others work
  • Equity work at Lyrasis
    • April 2022 equity assessment from third party
    • Report included strengths, weaknesses, recommendations
    • Leadership team committed to implementing recommendations (e.g., handbook updates, professional development opportunities)
    • Also conducting a compensation analysis to ensure equity and competitiveness
    • Added equity statement to recruitment pages 

Quarterly & end of FY21-22 Financials

  • Budgeted to be slightly negative, but ended slightly positive
  • Variances included memberships, DSpace development fund, and SCOSS funding (more than expected) and development costs (more development approved throughout the year than anticipated)

DSpace Program Coordinator Position, Part-time

  • Natalie Baur will be joining DSpace as the Program Coordinator on Sept. 6th
  • Will start at 10-15 hours per week; hope to grow to full-time eventually
  • Announced via community email lists
  • Made possible by SCOSS pledges

DSpace Development updates

  • 5.11 and 6.4 released in late July -- bug fixes and security
    • DSpace 5 and 6 approaching EOL this year and next; these may be final releases for both versions
  • 7.4 coming in October (likely Oct 10th). 7.5 is due in Feb.
    • Maintenance release: bug fixes, usability for early user feedback
    • Goal is polished release to support more DSpace 7 upgrades ahead of 5/6 EOL. Will turn to new features in next release
  • 8.0 development won't start until we finish Tiers 1-4 of our 7.x plan.
  • If you find a feature missing in 7.x that you need, please report it! If  it already has a ticket, you can add a comment to let us know we may want to consider bumping up the priority.
  • 8.0 Planning: DSpace Release 7.0 Status#Whenwill8.0planningbegin?IsthereaRoadmapfor8.0?

Fundraising Update

  • Membership renewals going well (85 invoiced and 65 paid so far)
  • SCOSS received over $23,349 so far
  • Development Fund received $46,500 so far

Registered Service Provider Program

  • Renewals going well.
  • Drop in overall number of providers, which is expected (from around 20 to around 10).
  • Looking to have a smaller number of more engaged service providers.
  • 3 different tiers: silver, gold, platinum (like memberships)
  • Introduced a more structured certification process


  • Focused on DSpace 7 all year
  • Zoom calls (2nd Tuesday of the month at noon EDT) are open to anyone from the DSpace community: repository managers, developers, etc. are all welcome
  • Want to hear stories of success and obstacles around upgrading to DSpace 7. Sharing of specifics and in-progress experiences are welcome.
  • DCAT working on end user docs, "Learning DSpace." Contributors are welcome. Will be a complement to, not a replacement of, existing DSpace docs, with a less technical focus.
  • DCAT is looking for a new chair or co-chairs. Contact Maureen ( with suggestions. New perspectives welcome.


  • Workshop/Workshop series being planned for November, tailored for different audiences with different volunteers leading:
    • DSpace 7 for High-level for end users
    • Installing or Upgrading to DSpace 7
    • Developer focus
  • Possible workshop on data modeling/Entities? Probably not for November, but perhaps for February.
  • Broader community event being planned for February 2023.

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