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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.






  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • Next meeting Mar 29: 12:00 PM EDT on
  • Please note the change to eastern daylight savings time in the US–+1 hour

Discussion items


Catch-up, Announcements


New DSpace logo

• process

• Step one: Carol signed up/provided information for 99Designs
• Step two: Send a message to members of the DSpace Steering Group, DSpace Leadership Group, DSpace 7 tech team, DSpace 7 Outreach Group, and DCAT explaining why we are doing this and inviting them to participate in rating designs, emphasizing the need for a fast turn-around with an explanation of how the final decision-making process will work.
• Step three: DSpace Steering Group chair David Lewis, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Tim Donohue and Carol to select final based on voting and ask for final adjustments
• Step four: Create logo use guidelines, develop "Ask me about DSpace 7" or "Ask me about the new DSpace" pin with new logo, and write press release with information about where to download the new logo

• tentative timeline

• Mar 14-Mar 21: 99Designs logo design work

• Mar 21-Mar 28: Voting

• Mar 29-31: Final selection, adjustments

• April 10-14: Guidelines, press release


Review use cases related to authentication and authorization


Permissions & access rights:



Catch-up, Announcements

  • In the recent DCAT meeting discussion of usefulness of list of repos/what they do
  • This group could develop a blog post/distribution regarding outreach to community to make it a regular practice to update their records
  • Possbile webinar on how to contribute to the Registry?
  • Update on OAI conference: registrations are open for pre-conference and conference, spread the word
    • There will be a presentation of the new DSpace UI

New DSpace logo

  • Would like as large a comment group as possible beyond the indicated groups as a way to reach out and engage the community.
  • Carol to check on parameters and get back to the group

Regarding UI Sketches/mock-ups

  • The ui-prototype instance is accessible at:
    • The main "cool" thing about this prototype is the in-page loading, e.g. no page refreshes, if you click something the content updates on the page
    • Not ready to be shared widely as an example of how the UI will look
  • General suggestion from the tech team is that it is early to speculate on what a new UI will look like. There is support for moving forward on developing a new logo as a first step in making a new UI look sleek and modern.

Review use cases related to authentication and authorization

(Wouter/others to add notes to use cases)

Action Items

  • Mariya Maistrovskaya to begin draft of update community expectation management article focused on search and browse functionalities (2-3 weeks)
  • Carol Minton Morris add timelines for various outreach initiiatives to wiki
  • Wouter Janssens (Atmire) feedback from UI group regarding requirements for non-functional UI "sketches" to be used in discussing/presenting DSpace 7 development
  • Carol Minton Morris share information about 99Designs poll distribution
  • ALL, very important, continue to work on/comment on use cases
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  1. Wouter Janssens (Atmire) Thank you for bringing back the Angular 2 prototype from last year's OR presentation I didn't have a chance to ask this during the call - if we are going to be using this prototype in communication with the community about DSpace 7 development, will there be an opportunity for users to log in and test out the back end as they currently can with the DSpace 6 demo Thanks!