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Title (Goal)Permissions of a new user in an eperson group
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Susan is a new student, which needs to be able consult and submit items to the "Thesis" collection. John, a repository administrator, has already created a group "Students" which has READ and WRITE privileges on the thesis collection. In order to give Susan the permissions she requires, John adds her user to the "Students" group. Because permissions in DSpace are cascaded from groups to users, Susan's new policier are applied immediately.

Therefore, Susan can now access all new and existing items in the "Thesis" collection. Also, she now has permission to submit items to that collection.

1 Comment

  1. Could you describe a bit more about what has been "cached" and isn't working properly? As far as I'm aware, this concept works correctly in DSpace already, unless I'm misunderstanding the use case.

    When a person is added to a Group in DSpace, they receive all the permissions of that group immediately upon their next login to the system. So, if that Group has special rights on a Collection or Items, then the new person will also immediately see those rights.

    Again, I might be misunderstanding something here. So it could help if you (or someone else) could further describe what is being "cached" improperly.