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Title (Goal)Integrations - Authentication through Multiple Mechanisms
Primary ActorSystem | Human
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Sally is a student who needs to submit her thesis to DSpace. She does not have an account on DSpace. Instead, she has an account on the university's Single Sign-On service.

Sally clicks the Login button in the side navigation, and she is shown a list of different ways to sign into DSpace. The each of the options in the list are described to the user by a title and a short description.

Sally choses the option to use her university's SSO service, and is redirected to the service's login page. She signs in, and is granted the appropriate permissions on DSpace. As such, she can now submit her thesis.

Several types authentication providers should be supported, such as CAS Shibboleth and LDAP. Also, multiple authentication options for a single type should be configurable.